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Purchasing Electric Kettles: Tips and Guidelines

If you are always in a hurry to complete your task or overwhelmed with work, having an electric kettle can save a lot of time. Instead of moving in and out of the kitchen, you can have your favorite cup of coffee or tea from the comfort of your room or desk. There are different types of electric kettles available in the market today, and it would help if you keep in mind various factors while buying an electric kettle,

  • Cost and warranty
  • The kettle cost depends on factors like size, style, brand name, and so on. The warranty period can range from 6 months to 1 year for small-sized kettles.
  • Type and appearance
  • The type and appearance of an electric kettle are based on factors like the design or style. It also depends on whether it is a wireless or wired kettle, whether it comes with a base heater or a built-in heater, and so on.
  • Heating time and speed
  • The heating time and speed depend on the water capacity the kettle can hold. Generally, a kettle can take around four minutes to boil if it is at full capacity. The heating time varies depending on the amount of water filled into the kettle.
  • Material and heat sustainability
  • Electric kettles are mostly made out of or a combination of plastic, glass, and metal. The durability and heat sustainability of the kettle depends on the materials that it is made up of.
  • Weight and Size
  • If you travel a lot, you should opt for a lightweight kettle, and you can consider a slightly heavier kettle if it is for home or office use. The size of the kettle depends on the number of cups you plan to make at a given time.
  • Additional features
  • Additional features include the auto-shutoff, storage space for the base cord, temperature settings/options, and a water gauge. Some kettles also come with a feature that allows you to keep the water warm.

A final note on buying an electric kettle

A kettle can also come in hand for other things like steaming, sterilization of mini tools, cooking noodles, etc. So, having one can be very handy at the time of emergencies.

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