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Quality Considerations Of High Pressure Valves Mining Companies Must Not Ignore.

There are different types of high pressure valves used in underground mining. Underground mining operations require large amounts of water for cooling mining machinery, firefighting, cleaning, drinking and suppressing dust. Choosing the right pressure valve is therefore essential for uninterrupted operations.

This article will touch on a few considerations that must not be ignored when selecting High Pressure Valves for mining operations.

Careful consideration will not only have a long-range impact on the valves but on its operation and overall system performance.

For many applications, valve sizing and selection will determine the ultimate success or failure of the process. The consequences of incorrect sizing are; opening and closing failures, leakage, increasing energy consumption costs, and premature wear of internal components. All of these factors spell poor control performance and skyrocketing costs.

Application and function:

Depending on the requirements of your system, pressure valves may be required to fulfill various functions. Consider these questions to guide you in getting it right; 

  • Does the valve only need to completely stop or start the flow, or should it also play a regulatory or what is the flow throttling role?

  • How much leakage can be tolerated by the system? 

  • Is the valve required to release or regulate system pressure? 

  • How precisely must the valve be able to control the flow?

Flow Medium:

All fluids are not created equal. You need to understand the kind of fluid that will flow through the valve and answer questions such as; is it highly corrosive or abrasive? If so, you may need to specify a full port valve. This will help the fluid to flow through the valve without obstruction.

Another question to consider is; is it Viscous? If Yes? Consider valves that have large and smooth flow paths, like ball, diaphragm, and plug valves. These valves can withstand the high pressure drops in piping caused by gummy fluids.

Does it contain fibrous particles? If yes, then you will need to consider valves that have port shapes that eliminate or minimize valve plugging by these particles. 

System pressure and temperature:

Pressure valves and the materials they are composed of must be capable of withstanding and operating effectively under the environmental conditions of the system, including high or low temperature and pressure extremes.

Cleaning and maintenance requirements:

Taking these questions into account, you can easily make the right valve choice. 

These are; 

  • How easily can maintenance or cleaning activities be performed on the valves? 

  • How regularly must they take place to maintain high performance?

Valve Rangeability:

Another consideration to make is determining how much rangeability is needed. Sometimes it is the single most important factor in valve selection.

A control valve with higher rangeability will control flow over wider flow rates. Globe valves with a flat disc plug provide high rangeability ( 100m or higher).

Quarter turn valves, such as ball, plug and butterfly are best suited for a  rangeability of around 50m.

These are just some of the many considerations that we at HPE recommend that you should take into account when selecting valves for a water system.

At HPE, we are committed to solving all pipeline connection problems with the best high pressure valves and pumps.

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