Raas International Clothing Proudly Introduce New Western Apparel Label ‘Tanisi’

December, 2021, USA: Raas International Clothing are committed to constantly innovating and empowering women with fashion that creates a narrative for their personality. With this overarching aim, we are proud to introduce Tanisi, our new Western apparel label. 

Raas International Clothing is headed forward in the way to transform and empowering women with fashion that overwhelm their personality. With our innovation and commitment, we proudly launch new western apparel label Tanisi.

Tanisi is a celebration of unique, cutting-edge fashion with bold patterns and timeless elegance. Each piece in our collection is a stunning example of contemporary design elements and handmade details. Through hand-embroidered embellishments, trendy colors, and modern design techniques, Tanisi offers one-of-a-kind styles of unparalleled beauty and striking originality.

Our designer pieces work for any occasion, whether it is a birthday bash, formal dinner party, special night out, or social events. By adding exciting style and value to your look, these outfits are guaranteed to put you in the spotlight for all the right reasons also at the same time we must take care of reducing our ecological footprint, we limit material tossing and use every bit of fabric. Through careful planning of design concepts, we ensure maximum efficiency without compromising the aesthetic quality or appeal of each garment.

Self-expression lies at the core of Tanisi, and we want our customers to experience complete satisfaction and positive transformations into the best version of themselves. With this goal, we offer a unique and novel customization option through which our customers can fine-tune a selected piece to their exact liking. Recognize and honor your individuality with this personalization option and look radiant in an outfit that is all about you.

Tanisi is governed by the core principles and goals of RAAS, with the label staying true to our sustainability and ethical initiatives. All apparel is manufactured in-house, with a strong focus on minimizing wastage and efficiently using all resources. Every aspect of our business, right from sourcing of fabrics to production, packaging, and shipping is optimized to reduce wastage.
Through Tanisi, we seek to grace the silhouettes of women everywhere and enable them to feel confident in stylish, statement-making outfits. As a fashion-forward boutique, we offer exciting new styles of unsurpassable quality at affordable prices to women in all walks of life. For more information, visit: https://raastheglobaldesi.com/

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About the Author:

Shreya Patel ventured into the field of professional fashion design and established the hugely successful design house, RAAS, in her 50s. She dived into the fashion industry in 2016 when she started a one-of-a-kind online boutique experience by curating artisan-quality outfits from India and selling them in the US. But eventually, Shreya realized that this was not fulfilling her mission of growing together, supporting the artisans, and empowering women. Hence, she decided to pursue further education at Parsons School of Design. It was amidst the pandemic that she started her own design house with the intention to support the artisans who had lost their jobs, and that marked the beginning of the socially sustainable label RAAS, The Global Naari. Given the tremendous fame and love her designs received in the United States and internationally even during the pandemic, her daughter decided to join her mission. The duo recently introduced Tanisi, a Western casual label focusing on making sustainable, high-quality designer fashion accessible and affordable.


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