Real Estate Articles Worth a Look For January 2019

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Real Estate Roundup of Excellent Content

Who likes reading exceptional real estate content? Raise your hand. Below you will find some terrific real estate articles that were published in January. Take a look at each of these well thought out articles.

Why Dual Agency in Real Estate is Bad

When you are buying or selling a home, you want the real estate agent you hired to be representing your best interests. A real estate agent working for the seller is known as a seller’s agent. Likewise, an agent working for the buyer is referred to as a buyer’s agent. A third type of agency is called dual agency and should be avoided. Dual agency is bad! You can find out why at Newswire.

When I am selling real estate, I am required by law to cover how dual agency in Massachusetts works. Let me make this clear. There are no benefits to buyers and sellers. You should avoid dual agency at all costs.

First-time Home Buyer Checklist

While buying a home for the first time is super exciting, it is also very easy to make mistakes. Like anything else in life, there is a learning process involved with buying a home.

In his most recent article, Danny Margagliano provides some excellent tips for first time home buyers with his purchasing checklist. Take a look and heed his advice.

Overpricing = The Kiss of Death

Whenever you are selling real estate, one of the most critical aspects is putting the right price tag on it. One of the biggest mistakes from sellers is trying to get cute with the price.

It almost never works out. It has been shown time and again that homes priced correctly from day one sell for more money than those that aren’t. Take a look at Jeff Nelson’s excellent home pricing advice. Don’t be one of those sellers who thinks they know more than the real estate agent does.

The Costs of Selling a House

When of the questions most sellers have is what are the closing costs going to be. There are many expenses with selling a home. Some of them are large and some are small. They all add up though!

In her latest article, Petra Norris breaks down all of the costs associations with selling a home. Take a look and learn what they are.

More Great Real Estate Articles From January 2019

Last but not least here is some additional fantastic real estate articles all presented in one place. Sharon Paxson has put together a real estate roundup for January 2019 featuring all of her favorite published articles for the month.

There are a variety of great articles including such topics as how to prepare for a real estate appraisal, what you should not leave out at an open house, what to know about home inspections and how to deal with HOA problems. Take a look at this excellent write-up.

Helpful Resources From Conclud

How to select a lender

How to pick a Realtor

Use these additional resources to make great decisions when buying or selling a home.



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