Reducing Cost Of Underground Mining Operation Using Water Jetting Technology

The inclination to increase the efficiency of mining equipment and widen the scope of their application has come of age. It has also become very important to create and develop mining equipment that will revolutionise the conventional way of mining in order to increase technical and economic performance.

Mining companies over the years have been considering a transition from conventional mining techniques to milling in order to fulfill their business mandates of reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Adopting high pressure water jet technology in underground mines can promote safety, reduce cost of mining and also improve efficiency. This is because high water jet technology has undoubtedly yielded more positive results in reef-type ore bodies than conventional drilling and blasting.

Water jetting involves the application of a water jet equipment with an abrasive agent at very high pressure on the rock to be cut. This results in cracking and breaking of the rocks into smaller particles.

Benefits of Water Jetting

  • Water jetting prevents the loss of large quantities of minerals that disintegrate and get carried as dust when conventional blasting and drilling are used.

  • It reduces the use of machinery for operation. This cuts down the cost for fueling, machine repairs and maintenance.

  • Water jetting technology limits employees exposure to dust, diesel and petrol fumes.

  • It reduces cost spending on electricity which is the main source of energy for fueling some mining machines.

  • A handful of workers are needed in water jetting as compared to conventional blasting and drilling mining method which requires large number of workers.

  • Water jetting is environmentally friendly. This is because very minimal footprint is left on the area where it is applied as compared to conventional drilling and blasting.

  • Safety is assured when water jetting is used for mining. This is because it does not cause significant damage to the walls of underground mines and it creates very minimal exposure to wall collapse.

HPE Water Jetting Products

Water Jetting Gun

The HPE Hand Held Water Jetting Gun is specially designed to move broken rocks using high pressure water jetting technology, particularly in a stoping environment where rock is moved into a scraper path.

The Hand Held Water Jetting Gun from HPE can also be used for sweeping in stopes.

Water Jetting Cannon

The Water Jetting Cannon from HPE is a hand held water jetting device that has been designed to be used in a stoping environment to move broken rock down and deep into a gully of typical distance of 25 to 30 meters which is the length of face in conventional South African mines.

Our Water Jetting Cannon has a high impact force which makes it very ideal for moving rocks. Additional quality of our hand held Water Jetting Cannon is that no cleaning scraper is required when it is being used.


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