Reetu Jain bags Top 10 Best Women Leaders in Edtech Startup 2022 with OMOTEC

April 5, 2022: Mrs. Reetu Jain, founder of OMOTEC, has been featured as one of the Top 10 Best Women Leaders in Edtech Startup 2022. Her idea of introducing STEM Education in the conventional education process is an integrated effort focusing on innovation and the applied method of designing solutions to intricate contextual concerns using new-age technologies.

Education is the prime pillar of a growing economy, and it has to be progressive too. She wanted to transform the traditional way of learning and teaching to create pedagogical pinnacles that provide an engaging, evolving education platform. A huge gap was identified by her where students could not find a proper platform to learn about science and technology at an early age.

She understood a void where enthusiasts cannot find mentors to understand simple machines, and their queries go unattended. She found that potential minds are losing interest in something that is very important for our future. She then introduced STEM learning methods using various kits and courses.

OMOTEC is her brainchild, a perfect conglomeration of education and technology. Here, she introduced courses and kits that focus on developing concepts related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at an early age.

Her innovation revolutionized the pandemic era when kids were figuring out online teaching methods. A big change was made possible in the education sector within a year of COVID19. Following this technological advancement and the introduction of new education methods, she introduced her idea with the name On MY Own Technology (OMOTEC).

It was her innovative thinking that let young minds explore a new dimension of science and technology. They learn the operational features of different basic electronic and mechanical pieces available in the robotics kit. They are also introduced to basic coding at this stage to make them ready for the real future in a fun and engaging manner.

This introduction to science and technology via experiential learning will be essential to fuel the enthusiasm of students. It is these students who will become the flag bearers of our country’s technological future.


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