Requirements for the cables of photovoltaic installations

solar cables 1
solar cables 1

Both self-consumption solar installations, as well as those for public places and solar farms, need to use high-quality cables adapted for use under high temperatures, all kinds of weather conditions and that offer great benefits against eventual fires. That is why the cables must be CPR C class ca and must comply with the new 1500V EN 50618 standard.

Cables for self-consumption or public places

According to the European CPR regulation, the C ca cable classification is the safest against fires in public places, so its installation is mandatory in public places, false ceilings and raised floors.

Likewise, they must also be installed in the interior installations of homes, residential buildings, meeting places, work places and sanitary uses, since they do not propagate fire and hardly emit smoke.

Top Cable offers us the TOPSOLAR H1Z2Z2-K cable, certified by TÜV according to EN 50618. It is resistant to UV rays, ozone, sand abrasion and water absorption. It withstands corrosion, climates and environments of extreme cold and heat and can be installed in places with the presence of water, with a life of 30 years.

Cables for solar farms

Solar farms , where the sun’s energy is directly transformed into electrical energy, need a high volume of cables and must comply with the regulations mentioned as the 1500V EN 50618 standard , as well as being suitable for use under high temperatures and all kinds of conditions. Climatic.

The firm proposes the use of the TOPSOLAR PV H1Z2Z2-K 1.5/1.5 (1.8) kV DC cable, designed to withstand the most demanding conditions between the panels and the direct current LV network of a solar installation. It is resistant to UV rays, is halogen free, and has a useful life of 30 years at 90ºC.

On the other hand, its admissible current is higher than conventional cables, which allows it to reach up to 120º in the conductor, providing a considerable increase in admissible currents. Plus, it’s extraordinarily flexible, making it easy to install, mobile-friendly, and compatible with most connectors.

Top Cable also has cables for medium voltage and aluminum cables for solar farms. These range from the transformer to connect with the electrical distribution network. Thus, we find two families of cables suitable for solar panels:

-Insulated in cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) such as the X-VOLT RHZ1 model, which stands out for its good dielectric strength, low loss factor and high insulation resistance.

-Those insulated with ethylene propylene (HEPR), such as X-VOLT HEPRZ1 cables, which withstand continuous operating temperatures of 105ºC, with good resistance to thermal aging and partial discharges.

-Aluminum cables such as Powerhard RV-AL 1500V.

Finally, we will also find in its catalog auxiliary cables for installations in solar farms such as the Topflex H07V-K/Toxfree RZ1 -K (AS) to ground the panels, the Powerflex RV-K/Toxfree RZ1-K (AS) for the cctv systems and power supply for tracker motors and category 6 F/UTP cables and fiber optic cables.

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