RiverBum Announces New Product: Euro Nymph Assortment for Fly Fishing

November 2020, AZ, USA:  RiverBum is a leading company in the flying fishing industry. RiverBum has announced a new product, Euro Nymph Assortment, that promises tremendous value to the fly fishing world.

Euro Nymphs are taking the fly fishing world by the storm. RiverBum is offering the Euro Nymph Assortment that is designed to deliver accuracy in fly fishing. The Euro Nymph Assortment series have slender profiles and heavy tungsten beads to get down faster than traditional nymphs. The new assortment consists of 24 Euro Nymphing flies hand-selected by our RiverBum experts. You will receive our most effective patterns good on almost all waters. This series is engineered to enhance fishing performance by getting into the strike zone quickly with some of the most effective patterns that can be found on the market today.


• 1 – RiverBum Waterproof Thin Box 12 compartments

• 2 – Beadhead Perdigon Violator, Size 16

• 2 – Beadhead Perdigon Blaze, Size 14

• 2 – Beadhead Perdigon Zebra Rider, Size 18

• 2 – Beadhead Perdigon Alien, Size 14

• 2 – Competition Jiggy Prince NymphSize 14

• 2 – Competition Jiggy Purple Copper John, Size 12

• 2 – Competition Jiggy Pink Squirrel, Size 12

• 2 – Competition Jiggy Nymph Black Flash Back, Size 16

• 2 – Czech Nymph, Depth Charge, Size 16

• 2 – Czech Nymph, Caddis, Olive, Size 18

• 2 – Czech Nymph, Pinky Passion, Size 20

• 2 – Czech Nymph, Sparkle & Orange, Size 18

RiverBum offers premium Fly Fishing Flies and Fishing Accessories at highly competitive prices. The company offers a wide variety of fly rods, fly reels, and fly lines in addition to a comprehensive range of fly fishing accessories. They use the best materials like Daiichi chemically sharpened hooks, sourced from Whiting Farms Hackle, Wapsi, Hareline, and Spirit River.

The company strives to provide the best quality flies at affordable prices and the best customer service experience. For more information, call 888-674-6360 or visit

About the company:

RiverBum is a powerful new force in the fly fishing industry. RiverBum offers premium quality flies and gear at highly competitive prices. A family owned US business, RiverBum promotes the sport of fly fishing to all folks in every experience level.


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