Senho Suggests Effective Piping Methods for Stable Water Chiller Performance

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Know different piping methods, their features as well as specifications. Solve the temperature difference problem by changing the piping configuration and number of pumps.

Senho manufactures top-quality industrial water chillers that are available in air-cooled and water-cooler variants. These chillers are capable of effective industrial processes and central cooling. Many types of chillers are available such as central chillers, glycol chillers, screw chillers, brine chillers, and much more. Other cooling products such as cooling towers, water pumps, and water tanks are also available.

Water chillers of Senho have a robust structure and precisely measured, designed, and tested components to ensure optimum performance. They are manufactured by an experienced team having set processes and extensive inspection and quality checks. They also offer an excellent warranty for every product and component.

There are water chillers with no built-in chilled water tank, such as CRA and CRW series screw type chiller. There are two ways of piping for those type of chillers to connect with the process, viz single loop and dual loop, as shown in the diagram below. Mostly people prefer the single loop as it is straightforward, does not require an extra pump.

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But in cases where the difference between the supply and returning water temperature is significant, the Dual Loop method is the recommended way. Two circulating loops prevent the high-temperature water from entering the chiller directly, resulting in more effective cooling. Changing the piping configuration and adding an extra pump can result in much reliable and fast cooling. With the assistance of an additional circulating pump, the water mixes rapidly, making the temperature stable.

 If you want to order a state-of-the-art industrial chiller from a leading and reliable manufacturer of process cooling equipment and solutions, you should consider Senho. You can visit the website for the specification of each chiller and fill the enquiry form for any query. You can also call +86 13554886910 or email at [email protected] to get any details or information about industrial water chiller.

About the Company:

Senho Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd   is one of the top industrial chiller and process cooling equipment manufacturers. Started in 2008 in Shenzhen, China, this company has helped many industries with their process cooling and central factory-wide cooling needs with their state-of-the-art industrial chillers.

Some of the variants of chillers that they manufacture and sell are screw and scroll chillers, glycol chiller, brine chiller, central chillers, process chillers, cooling towers, water pumps, water tanks, and much more. These chillers are manufactured by earnest, experienced, and dedicated people who have worked in the area of industrial cooling for decades. Both air-cooled and water-cooled variants of chillers are available.



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