Seven Doubts You Should Clarify About Auto Wreckers

26th Nov’21, Sydney, Australia: Auto wrecking has been quite the buzz in the past few years. More and more people are getting to know about auto wrecking and Its benefits which has intrigued the interest of many people who are looking to sell out their old cars that are soon to reach their end of life or have already reached their end of life. However just like any other industry there are often some doubts or misconceptions that float around with regard to car wrecking.

 Here Are Seven Doubts That You Should Get Clarified About Auto Wreckers Before You Decide To Wreck Your Car:

1. What Do Car Wreckers Do With Your Car?

Car wreckers usually buy your car for its parts and scrap value. They do not resell or repair your car. When you sell your car to a wrecker, it is taken to a wrecking yard where the components are removed one by one for recycling. First the liquids are all drained out which can later be resold or reused. Then the parts are removed one by one which are refurbished and resold, making it possible for customers to buy original auto parts at a much lower rate than buying a brand-new part. The metal body of the car is then shredded to smaller bits to be recycled.

2. What Condition Does Your Car Need To Be In When Selling It?

The good thing about auto wrecking is that you can sell your car in any condition. Your car need not be in a working condition during sale on the contrary it could be completely damaged and that still wouldn’t be a problem. In fact, you can sell a car of almost any make or model without any worry.

3. If A Car Isn’t Working Then What About Its Parts?

Your car may not be working but that does not mean that all its parts have stopped working. Some parts are in excellent shape and work perfectly fine. When wreckers remove the parts all the parts are inspected and checked for quality before they are put up for sale.

4. Are Used Car Parts Of A Much Poorer Quality And Won’t Last Long?

Auto wreckers do not pick up parts from your car and put it out for sale just like that. They go through quality checks to see if the part is worthy of being resold. Used car parts are of good quality. Selling poor quality parts would only affect the business and get a bad name for the company. Therefore, wreckers give high importance to the quality of used parts.

5. What About The Warranty?

You may think that used auto parts will come without any warranty but that’s not true. When you buy used car parts from authorised dealers you are sure to get some warranty coverage during which, if you face any issue with the car part it is replaced or in some cases your money may be refunded.

6. Are Used Car Parts Dangerous?

When you purchase a used car part you must make sure to do so from a licenced company. A company that focuses on customer service makes sure that all parts are properly checked for quality and safety. These parts are will not cause any danger to you or your vehicle.

7. What About The Pricing?

Used car parts come at affordable pricing. This means that you get to buy an original car part but at a much lower rate than buying a brand-new part. Sometimes the price maybe slightly higher but that could be because the availability of the part is low.

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