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Without a question, one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life is her wedding. Whether it’s the bride, her friends, her family, or anybody else involved, everyone is eager. At Indian weddings, dressing up is commonplace. Each occasion has a specific meaning, which is represented in the clothing and jewels worn. The trend in jewellery is shifting away from exquisite and authentic jewels towards manufactured items with American diamonds and other High Fashion aesthetics as destination weddings gain in popularity. 

Instead of actual gold, diamond, or platinum jewellery, many choose high fashion Kundan and American diamond or CZ jewellery.

1. Flexibility

High fashion jewellery and American diamonds are examples of artificial jewellery that may be worn even after weddings and is very versatile, as opposed to jewellery made of precious metals like gold, platinum, diamonds, etc., which is a fantastic investment but must be stored in a bank after the wedding. American diamond jewellery, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, may be worn every day and completely redefines your appearance. 

2. Small-Priced

Indian weddings are already quite expensive affairs, so choosing artificial jewellery online over genuine gold and diamonds will help you cut some of the expenditures. If you choose high fashion American diamond jewellery, you may save the cost of the wedding by up to 20% to 25%. If you’re a visitor or a relative, it really makes no sense to spend so much money on something you won’t wear frequently. 

3. Security

Typically, destination weddings take place at resorts, on beaches, in banquet halls, in hotels, etc. Assuring the safety of such valuable jewellery may often be rather stressful because you’ll continually be worried about losing or misplacing it throughout your travels or at events. While with fake jewellery, you may completely focus and enjoy the wedding without having to worry about losing or misplacing it. 

It has always been difficult to select the ideal jewellery for a wedding. However, The Glocal Trunk has selected the ideal collection just for you. Visit our Shaadi & Festive Select selection, and you’ll be ready to rock that destination wedding with your style like a pro.

As a taster, here are a few of the items from the collection!

Patrani Kundan Beads Long Necklace with Pearls

A destination wedding would be the ideal setting for this Royal Patrani Kundan beads Pearl long necklace, which exudes nobility and grandeur. This piece’s focal point and best feature is the stunning pendant in the centre. It resembles something out of royalty because it is composed of Kundan and fine pearls. During the wedding, this item is certain to get everyone to turn around and stare at you. This item is ideal for a Rajasthani wedding.

 Red and green Surya Kundan Haath Pan

If you’re going to a South Indian wedding, this is the ideal piece for you to wear because it looks stunning when paired with sarees. You’ll look stunning if you pair this haath paan with a yellow and green Kanjivaram saree for a wedding.

 CZ Stud Top Athena Earrings

This is the ideal item for you if you are someone who likes to dress simply no matter the occasion. Everyone who sees these stunning stud earrings will be in awe of their stunning design, which is truly eye-catching and stunning. It is a wonderfully adaptable item that may be worn at both an Indian and a Christian destination wedding. You’ll look like a goddess if you pair these lovely earrings with a white chiffon saree for a day wedding, a bun, and minimum cosmetics. You’ll still look stunning if you combine it with the lovely gown.

Suraiya Kundan Full Maang Tikka

A stunning maang tikka is a must-have item on every bridal jewellery sets list. This exquisite Kundan maang tikka appears to be nothing short of a dream. One cannot take their eyes off it because of its distinctive and intricate decorations. You may wear this lovely maang tikka to various occasions, such as sangeets, mehndis, and haldis, in addition to weddings. You will look stunning while wearing this lovely maang tikka with a black lehenga and open hair.

The Glocal Trunk has got your back whether it’s your wedding or you’re a guest at a destination wedding. With a touch of royalty, we’ll constantly work to keep you on top of your style and fashion game.




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