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Founded over 10 years ago in Mountainside, New Jersey, Boomerang provides non-emergency medical transportation. With a large spectrum, up-to-date spectrum of vehicles and operated by skilled and certified care providers, we offer safe, convenient and comfortable transport for people with disabilities and special needs. Offering seamless and affordable transportation services, we’re at the forefront of the mobility assistance sector in New Jersey and all surrounding areas. Over the years, we are empowering the communities that we serve for free mobility, anywhere, anytime. Our services are available to you 24*7.

Depending on your requirements, you can select from our following services:-

1. Wheelchair Transportation for people with disabilities and special needs. Well equipped with hydraulic lifts, five points restrained and a raised roof, our goal is to provide utmost safety, care, and satisfaction to you all. All the drivers are CPR trained, go through comprehensive background checks, fingerprint verification, and periodic drug testing.

2. Ambulance/BLS with AI-enabled cameras for you and your loved ones, when you need, where you need, making sure that they always stay focussed to your needs.

3. Other Transport – Offering group and individual transport, as per your preference and need, we believe in giving quality services adhering to the standard guidelines.   Transportation for children for after-school activities, events, and field trips along with the people with special needs can avail our services with one call.

Looking for services offering quality, affordability, safety and comfort, all at one place?

Discover our services, whenever you need, wherever you need, and we will be there for you.

Reach out to us:

Call: (888) 802-2666, (908) 301-9119

Email: [email protected]

269 Sheffield St 2D, Mountainside NJ 07092


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Written by Boomerangcare Transportation

Boomerangcare is a trusted,reliable Medical Transportation in New Jersey.They Provide  Non Emergency Medical Transportation which includes Wheelchair Transportation,Mobility Assistance,Ambulance/BLS , Group and individual transport on a one-time or recurring basis ,transportation for children for after-school activities, events, and field trips. They transport people with special needs that require a higher level of attention and care while being safely transported. They are approved by NJ state,  AI camera enabled vans,CPR trained drivers.Their drivers go through extensive background checks, fingerprint verification, and periodic drug testing.You can consult with Boomerangcare 24/7 for all your transportation needs.

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