Solving QuickBooks Company File Error 6155 0: A Comprehensive Guide

Solving QuickBooks Company File Error 6155 0 A Comprehensive Guide

QuickBooks is now the most reliable accounting software in the accounting software market. It may effortlessly handle a business’s financial tasks and produce beneficial solutions for business owners. The software may also securely store business data in the form of company files. Due to internal issues, the software may have difficulty accessing these files at times. QuickBooks company file opening error 6155 0 appears in the software as a result of an unsuccessful attempt to access the company file. If you experienced error 6155 0 opening company file, keep reading to learn about the causes of the error and possible solutions to get rid of it quickly.

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What Exactly is QuickBooks Desktop Error Code 6155 0?

In QuickBooks, all errors in the 6XXX series are related to the company file. This error can also occur when QuickBooks is unable to connect to a company file due to damage or corruption. If the file is in an unsupported format for QuickBooks, you can experience this issue right after opening the company file. “An error occurred when QuickBooks attempted to access the company file” will be the error message that will pop up on your screen. Before you can get back access to your company file, you must first resolve this issue in QuickBooks.

Reasons that Instantly Trigger Error 6155 0 in QuickBooks Desktop

The following issues and glitches could cause this error:

  1. 1.Your PC’s firewall/antivirus prevents QuickBooks from connecting to the file.
  2. 2.QuickBooks lacks the necessary folder permissions to access the company file in its location.
  3. 3.The company file has been severely damaged as a result of a virus attack on your PC or data corruption on the hard drive.

Solutions to Get Rid of QuickBooks Error 6155 0

Here are various approaches you can take to resolve this issue in your QuickBooks Desktop application:

Solution 1: Change the Permissions of the Company File Folder

If the folder permissions do not permit QuickBooks to have access to the files stored in it, the software will generate an error when it tries to access the company file within the folder. To allow QuickBooks to access the company file, you must assign folder access permissions to the user-facing the error. To proceed with this troubleshooting solution, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. 1.Navigate to the folder having the QuickBooks company file, which is triggering the error on your system.
  2. 2.Right-click the company file’s folder and select Properties.
  3. 3.Select Advanced from the Security tab.
  4. 4.Click Edit after selecting QBDataServiceUserXX from the list.
  5. 5.Mark the checkbox next to Full Control and then click the Allow option.
  6. 6.Click Apply and then OK.
  7. 7.Restart QuickBooks Desktop and also the Windows OS and attempt to open the company file.

Solution No. 2: Get Quick Help from QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks Tool Hub contains a number of tools that can assist in resolving several issues with the QuickBooks Desktop. Always keep the QB tool hub up to date; if you have already installed it, follow the steps below.

1. Locate and launch the QuickBooks Tool Hub program on your system and select Company File Issues.
2. Click the Run QuickBooks File Doctor option visible in the Tool Hub program.
3. Choose your company file from the list or use Browse to find it on the local storage of your system.
4. Enter the administrative password of the Windows OS and begin the troubleshooting process.
5. Once the process is complete, reopen QuickBooks and attempt to open the company file.

The troubleshooting methods described above will surely help you get rid of this issue in QuickBooks.


We have reached the end of this blog on the explanation of QuickBooks company file opening error 6155 0 and why it occurs in the software. The article also includes some efficient strategies for dealing with this error that can be used in the future when you deal with the same issue. To clear up any remaining doubts concerning this error, you can always reach our support team at +1-(855)-955-1942.


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