Stylish And Graceful Waistcoats for Majestic Look!

On talking about Waistcoat for mens, it is not something one wears regularly. However, for those who love to wear tradition and confidence to every celebratory occasion, Waistcoat is a big Yes!

At Raghvendra Rathore, we realise that it’s essential to combine comfort with style. Hence, we ensure to use only the best fabric types to materialize our luxuriant waistcoat ideas for men. The trendy fabric, prints and hues of our wide range of waistcoats make you definitely feel like a hero on every occasion.

How to Dress to Impress?

It is advisable to pair a long Waist coat with short pyjamas to make you appear taller than you are. If you do not wish to make your appearance taller, then choose a short waistcoat with a long kurta.

While a dark-coloured waistcoat may be worn with dark-coloured kurtas, the contrasting colour is ideal for Indian occasions. If your waistcoat is of mild shades, pair it with a kurta having light shades.

An Array of Fabrics and Designs to choose from

Raghvendra Rathore provides you a wide range of Waistcoat for mens to choose the one that fits you perfectly. Whether it’s for formal or Indian use, these waistcoats are designed and sewn with love to make you look your finest. What’s more, these waistcoats provide men’s pocket squares that offer a classy look.

Premium quality Cotton Waistcoats.

For the ones who like to keep it light and soft, we have created the most breathable and lightweight waistcoat for mens with premium cotton fabric. These waistcoats provide even finish and the most gratifying smoothness you can imagine while wearing them.

Shine with lightweight Viscose Waistcoats.

If you want something different, choose viscose over ethnic cotton. The viscose fabrics with the right blends ensure a lustrous touch of silk in all designs of our waistcoat.

Linen and Polyester for Daring choices.

If you are daring to go for a crisp, adventurous appearance on your waistcoat, the linen and polyester fabric designs will not fail to delight you. The linen blend crafted waistcoat for men maintain their revered firmness and precise texture, adding extra weight to your presence and posture. There is the unique polyester blend men’s waistcoat in our collection which provides an entire new degree of gravity to your attire with its subtly coarse texture.

Take proper Care of your Waistcoat.

The proper hanger will maintain your waistcoat in shape and assist it last longer. Thus, it is the best if you use a wooden hanger for the waistcoat.

An important instruction- Do not iron. Steaming your Waistcoat is a delicate manner to eliminate wrinkles and odors. This will preserve it well without damaging the fabric.

Final Words.

Our Waistcoats are perfect to provide nothing but quality, comfort, and glam. Style and ethnicity with quality is what we believe in. And that takes our waistcoats to the epitome of elegance. Therefore, mix and match our waistcoats with your favorite traditional and formal outfits to bring out the trendsetter in you.



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