Teekri Shares the Maintenance Process of Wood Jewelry to Prolong Its Look

February 2020 – Teekri, a renowned wooden jewelry manufacturer is sharing the process of maintaining wooden jewelry, which helps the pieces remain at its best year after year. 


Teekri is well known for handcrafted artisan wooden jewelry. Their product categories contain wooden earrings, wooden bracelets, wooden necklaces, wooden rings and wooden bangles. They offer products that every woman needs to accessorize herself. Teekri’s product is made of unique wooden gems and every jewelry item is handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans. The wooden jewelry is made from sustainable FSC-certified Birch wood.

Since the products are made of wood, and are highly polished, Teekri has shared simple steps that will keep the jewelry looking the best. The maintenance steps are as follows:

Products always come with Teekri polishing cloth. Always use it to clean jewelry effectively.

Always keep the jewelry pieces separately so that there are no scratches.

Use skin-wearable products first then wear jewelry. Products such as perfumes, hairspray, and makeup setters have certain chemicals that might damage the wood jewelry’s finish.

Remove jewelry before going to swim, taking a bath or using chemical cleaners.

Before storing the jewelry, make sure that it is well dried out.

In case of wooden bangle bracelets, be sure to clean them to avoid the black marking on your skin and bangles. The marks form due to accumulation of oil and dirt in the metal, which can easily be cleaned.

The steps mentioned above are easy to follow. With these steps, Teekri’s wood jewelry will prolong year after year.

Teekri’s collection of wood jewelry is ideal for individual use and perfect for gifting. The jewelry products are available in various style and finishes, and they complement one’s outfit. The collection is so vast that one can carry them casually and formally. The wooden earrings are available in heart-like shapes, hoops, dropper and more styles. The wooden pendant necklace, wooden bracelets and wooden rings are also available in various styles that go well with any outfit. One can order the products online through Teekri’s website. Detailed information about products, warranty and returns are available on the website.

Do visit Teekri, and explore the stunning handcrafted wood jewelry.

About the Company:

Teekri aims to empower the modern woman and it is for the modern woman seeking statement pieces that are boho, bold and beautiful. Our artisans are Indians. We work with underprivileged women and help to make them financially independent by providing them with sustainable employment. Teekri is a patented proprietary wood.  Carefully constructed from engineered wood, our unique offerings flaunt a natural shine and long-lasting finish.


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Teekri aims to empower modern woman and it is for the modern woman seeking statement pieces that are boho, bold, and beautiful. Our artisans are Indians. 

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