TelerainMD offers Doctor on Call Service for all of its Patients

USA, 8th September 2021: TelerainMD is here to bridge gaps in immediate online medical supervision from registered doctors for needy patients 24/7. The new online portal is ideal for seeking instant medical attention from specialist doctors regarding health and prescriptions.

Over the years, the evolution of technology has revolutionized the way doctors can provide medical consultation and attention to patients. One such technology is meeting doctors virtually using an online portal to seek consultation and discuss disease management.

TelerainMD has created an epitome to follow where users can seek medical attention at affordable subscription plans. This online portal will connect the patients to the doctors instantly without any delay and will provide the medical suggestions required right away.

This service provider has addressed problems that doctor-on-call services faced until now. Preferred doctors were not always available. It took a lot of time to book an appointment or get a chance to talk to a specialist without technical hindrances.

In this easy-to-use, versatile portal, patients can connect to doctors anytime, anywhere, without any hassle. They will utilize the latest technology used to develop this domain without technical glitches and bottlenecking. All the profiles are handpicked and verified by the management team. There is no need to burn fuel, stand in a line, or risk lives in this pandemic.

The care coordinators will connect and listen to the health issues and queries of patients. They will resolve the health issues on-call or provide further medical assistance if needed. Moreover, the users can find updated information regarding prescriptions, medicines, timings, upcoming appointments displayed in their accounts in this portal.

From now onwards, doctor-on-call services are at your fingertips. Choose a suitable plan and get specialist doctors to look at your cases. Visit for more information on doctor-on-call services.

About the Company
TelerainMD is a trusted, online health provider. They provide reliable doctor consultation for a variety of ailments. Patients can consult General Practitioners, Counsellors, Patient Advocates, Physicians, ENT Doctors, Skin Specialists, Dental Doctors, Dieticians, Psychologists, Ophthalmologists, and more. You can consult with doctors 24/7 for diagnosis and treatment of ailments based on symptoms and Electronic Health Record (EHS) to send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.


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