The Advantage of Having a Buyer’s Agent When Buying Real Estate

What Are The Benefits of Having a Buyers Agent
What Are The Benefits of Having a Buyers Agent

The Benefits of a Buyer’s Agent

There are some people who still believe they will get a better deal if they go directly to the listing agent. Let me fill you in on a little secret – that is one hundred percent false! I am telling you like it is and I do a ton of business as a listing or seller’s agent.

You need to keep in mind that the listing agent works for the seller. Their goal is to get the seller the best terms and conditions possible. A seller’s agent cannot help you in anyway.

There are numerous benefits of having a buyer’s agent that are summarized in great detail at Active Rain. For some reason many buyers are under the impression that going to the seller’s agent may afford them a commission break.

While some agents may be inclined to do this for a buyer, you get ZERO advice. Do you know what a gamble it is to have no representation to get a commission discount? Frankly, it is incredibly stupid. Even if the agent gives you a couple thousand dollar break off the commission, you might be overpaying by thousands of dollars more!

A buyer’s agent is there to make sure you never overpay for a property. They are in your corner throughtout the transaction whenever you need advice. When the home inspection needs to be negotiated they are there for you.

Take the time and read the article. See why it is so important to have a buyer’s agent who is your trusted advisor. Never make the mistake of allowing dual agency or going directly to the listing agent.

A bad decision like that can cost you thousands of dollars!



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