The Bahamas and Florida; the Clear Sea and the Tropics Are Calling You

What will a Bahamas day sail charter include? How will the journey proceed?

A chain of 700 islands and cays, the Bahamas is relatively close to Florida (with the first island Bimini being in touch to Florida with less than 50 miles between them) and so, you will have no trouble chartering a yacht for the Bahamas. Don’t worry about going from place to place or the Bahamas being a new world, which it is but in a wonderful way! Now the itinerary for exploring the islands of the Bahamas will ultimately depend on you. Let’s talk about the islands first. You can visit Exumas, Eleuthera, Bermuda, the Abaco Islands, Nassau, and the Turk & Caicos. Chartering agencies will present you with a satisfactory list of itinerary options. If they do not seem convenient to your vacation desires, you can customize your itinerary with help from the agency’s professionals and consultants. Many people cruise the Bahamas day sail charter along the Exumas and Eleuthera as those are great islands and you can travel between them quickly.

What should you expect on a Florida day sail charter?

The Florida waters are excellent for fishing charters and for people who want event celebrations on the sea. These two types are the most in-demand and chartering agencies keep such yachts and cabin crew prepared. You must already have heard about the versatility of Florida. It has remained an infamous vacation spot for years and now after the pandemic, you can have a trip there with ease! You can charter a Miami yacht and explore the Florida Keys whenever you want. The tropical sun and clear waters remain calm throughout the year. Cruising by the Florida Keys is a 7-day trip. You start with the Miami bay, then go through Elliot Key, Middle Keys, Key West, Marqueses Keys, and the Little Palm Island, and then finally conclude the trip with a round-back to Miami.

Bahamas yacht rental services

Bahamas sailing charters are wonderfully designed and curated by some of the best professionals in a few yacht charter agencies in the Bahamas. You will be able to find catamarans, motor yachts, sailing yachts, etc., in different sizes, the number of rooms, cabin crew members, etc. Pick the yacht whose style and space match your energy and have the best experience on the sea, accompanied by sea experts.

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 The author is a consultant at a yacht rental agency that offers an array of Bahamas sailing charters (specially Exumas and Eleuthera, other islands are the Abaco Islands, Nassau, Bermuda, and Turk & Caicos) and Florida day sail charters.

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