The Importance of Having Ventilation Systems In Underground Mines

The tough conditions in underground mines continue to rise as mining operations progresses deeper and steeper in the search of minerals from the earth. In view of this, the accumulation of obnoxious gas, dust, increasing temperature and humidity constitutes hazards to the wellbeing of workers.

Ventilation systems in underground mines is one of the most crucial elements needed for safe, effective and efficient mining operation. They are required for clearing toxic methane gases, removing fumes and dusts that are generated from rock blasting and exhaust materials released from diesel powered machines and equipment.

Quality ventilation systems ensure the consistent supply of clean air to steep underground mines and also ensures that poisonous gases that are capable of causing harm to the health of underground operators are prevented from reaching the lungs.

Rock blasting, operating machines, rock temperature, fissure water, depth factor from surface and auto compression are the main causes of increasing temperature in deep mines. Aside from providing clean air and removing air toxins from underground mines, quality ventilation systems are used as tools for cooling the underground environment for miners.

Ventilation being a system for controlling and regulating air movement, volume and direction in mines, does not in any way contribute directly to the production phases of mineral extraction. However, the absence of a good ventilation system in an underground mine can lead to low productivity, increased cost of production, high rate of medical leaves, avoidable accidents and time wasting.

The ventilation systems in underground mines are regulated by two suitable openings or pathways (inlet and outlet). The inlet serves as an opening where atmospheric air passes through to reach the underground mine, and the outlet removes contaminated or unhealthy air away from the deep mine to the outside. Either on the surface or underground, ventilation fans are usually installed on the inlet, outlet, or on both pathways for efficient ventilation and cooling of the underground mine environment.

ventilation fan

HPE Products for High Performance Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Fans

HPE Ventilation Fans are high quality underground ventilation control devices innovated to perfectly match the harsh conditions of South African underground mines.

They are hydro-powered devices that ensure efficient flow of ventilation air in ventilation system pipe networks. They are capable of promoting air cooling conditions through the dissipation of jets of water into the air stream.

HPE ventilation fans come in 45kW, 22kW and 15Kw. The 45kW ventilation fan has a cooling effect of between 100kW to 200kW. The 22kW fan has a cooling effect of between 50kW to 100kW and the 15kW fan has a cooling effect of 30kW to 70kW.

With HPE ventilation fans, the wellbeing of underground miners is safe and sound. 


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