The magical and healing properties of amber

How to use healing crystals
How to use healing crystals

What is the reason for the lithotherapeutic property of amber? About the kindness of stone magic.

The man guessed that amber is a special stone as soon as he found the first piece of the gem. The fragments of honey transparency seem to glow with sunlight – and what could be more pleasant and useful than the warming rays of the life-giving luminary?

The psychotherapeutic effect of amber is undeniable. However, the fossilized resin of ancient conifers affects not only the moral and psychological state. A gemstone, due to the presence of biologically active substances in it, heals in the most direct way.

In ancient times, it was noticed: wearing an amber necklace cleanses the skin, relieves rashes and pustular diseases. Amber, burnt as incense on the sacrificial altar, relieved asthma attacks and chest pain. The priests, who, on duty, often inhaled amber smoke, never suffered from rheumatism …

Medieval healers recommended grinding amber into powder and drinking it as a medicine that cleanses blood vessels. It was believed that pregnant women, who have the opportunity not only to wear amber as jewelry, but also to take amber powders (a mixture of crushed succinate with medicinal herbs), carry the fetus better and are less prone to miscarriages.

When smoking became fashionable, and the harm of a new hobby became obvious, amber cigarette holders, snuff boxes, and cigarette cases came into use. There was a persistent (and still alive) belief that smoking accessories made of amber reduce the harmfulness of tobacco smoke.

Succinic acid is the main active ingredient of natural medicine

The Baltic peoples, who were confident in the ability of amber to protect against any disease, were not so wrong. Already in our time, scientists have made a detailed analysis of the substances that make up the petrified resin. The most important discovery was the discovery of succinic acid.

Compounds of succinic acid are chemically very active. However, unlike many other reagents, their action is beneficial to any living organism. Getting into living tissues, succinic acid and its derivatives activate the mechanisms of gas exchange in cells, which significantly accelerates the development of living tissue and increases the energy potential of the body as a whole.

As a nonspecific (acting on all cell groups) biostimulant, succinic acid is widely used today. And although wearing amber jewelry allows you to supply only local areas of human skin with succinic acid, it is pointless to deny the positive effect of a gem jewelry. Amber really helps maintain health!

Amber lithotherapy

The bioenergetic effect of the Sunstone has not gone unnoticed. Pliny the Elder, who lived two thousand years ago, recommended that caring parents provide their children with amber amulets that protect them from the evil eye.

Abu Reikhan Al-Biruni, an outstanding Central Asian thinker of the Middle Ages, independently came to the same conclusions as Pliny, and tirelessly reminded compatriots of the need to use amber as a defender against energy-informational aggression.

Lithotherapists of our time, having studied the richest creative heritage of researchers of the past, confidently recommend the use of amber pendants and brooches to prevent troubles with the heart and retrosternal nerve plexus.

Wearing belts and belts decorated with amber inserts helps to normalize the digestive tract, improves innervation of internal organs, and optimizes nerve connections between the spinal cord stem and distal parts of the body.

Good magic of amber

A feeling of warmth arising in the palms – and in the soul! – a person who took amber in his hands is explained not only by completely earthly, physical reasons, but also by the peculiarities of the spiritual essence of the stone.

Amber is one of the few gems that are categorically not used in black magic practice. Despite the blurred perception of good and evil, the forces that dominate the spiritual power of the gem, unmistakably determine the direction of requests addressed to the stone. And if even a small fraction of human desire is directed against someone, amber simply will not respond.

An attempt to forcefully influence amber – and black magicians know the methods of subjugating subtle forces – do not lead to any results. Amber is the stone of the Sun, and the energy of the heart of our planetary system is immeasurably more powerful than any attempt to redirect the creative flow.

Amber – protector from damage

The main magical role of the sun stone is protection from the evil eye, damage, witchcraft. The aura of positive energy that envelops a person “armed” with amber is like a weightless chain mail. No charms can break through the cocoon of life-giving light emitted by amber!

However, from time to time, the stone needs to be recharged with the energy of a daylight. Give the stone the opportunity to absorb the dawn rays of the Sun, and it will faithfully serve you for many years.

At sunset – at least a few times a month – find an opportunity to take the amber in your hand and focus on mentally transferring your energy to it. This action strengthens the bond between the gem and its owner.

It is better to conduct psychotherapeutic sessions of stone exposure during clear noon hours. Spend 15-20 minutes gazing into the amber resting in your hand. Rotate it several times, observing the play of light in the thickness of the stone. Look through the amber cabochon to the sunlit surroundings.

Your mood will improve in the very first minutes of communication with amber. Over time, the strength of the bond between you and your stone will grow so much that just the thought of the upcoming tactile communication with amber will warm your soul. This state of affairs is the norm in the exchange of energy between a person and his amber.

The presence in the collection of several different types of amber somewhat increases the effectiveness of lithotherapy. However, the main role in one way or another is assigned to the stone, which is liked more than others.

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