The Most Famous Landmarks in Nigeria to Visit

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This article will give you information on Lagos, Nigeria, and recommendations for places to visit before you make trip plans. When someone travels, their main concern is always the cost of the trip. We’re working to help you locate affordable travel options within this country. We understand that you would like to spend your hard-earned money visiting the sights of this beautiful place rather than travelling expenses. To ensure that your trip to Lagos, Nigeria, won’t break the bank, we guide you through the widest selection of low-cost flights to Nigeria from UK, including both one-way and roundtrip tickets.

Introduction of Nigeria:

Nigerian vacations are typically fun, cosy, generous, and full of love, but Lagos offers the best nightlife and the most exciting activities of any state. Lagos has a lot of traffic and is a busy, noisy city. Using the canals or departing early or late are the only two ways to avoid traffic. There are historical sites, malls, and beaches to enjoy. 

Lagos, the capital of Nigeria and the biggest city on the continent of Africa is one of the places with the world’s most extraordinary rates of urban population increase. Given that we’ve been to most of these tourist destinations, we can confidently say that Lagos is the real deal. It is one of the attractive destinations for tourists due to its background, diverse culture and environment and multiple colourful and unique events. Nigeria has both (manmade and natural) landmarks to catch tourist attraction.

The man-made landmarks include: 

  • City Squares

  • Well-known mountains

And the natural landmarks include: 

  • Waterfalls

  • Beaches

  • Mountains

  • Savannah

Let’s explore some most landmarks of Nigeria to add to the to-do list of this place: 

Freedom Park: 

If you are curious about the history and culture of Nigeria and how they maintain it, Freedom Park is the place to visit. This landmark serves as a historical landmark, a national memorial, a country club and a place to see art and leisure. 

Owu Falls: 

The people who love to see wildlife, such as monkeys, snakes, turtles, alligators and so on, must visit one of the best landmarks of Nigeria, ” Owu Falls”. This is one of the highest natural waterfalls in West Africa that attracts many tourists towards this country. Also, this is a perfect place for picture lovers because this landmark offers countless chances to click photos of nature. 

Ibeno Beach:

 If you are tired from your daily routine and want to visit someplace that is calm, peaceful and beautiful, then Ibeno Beach is undoubtedly for you. It allows its visitors to take a rest and feel relaxed. There are multiple opportunities to enjoy the water and have fun. For example, you can go boating and play water volleyball or water-related games or activities. So, if you want a day just to relax, this landmark of Nigeria is waiting for you. 

Jabi Boat Club:

 No matter which age you are currently in this landmark of Nigeria, “Jabi Boat Club” has to offer everything to everyone. This is located near Jabi Lake and in the centre of Abuja. This is a water-based entertainment means of attraction for the residents and tourists. This is a perfect place for families and those who want maximum water activities during their trip or relaxation and calmness. 

National Mosque of Abuja:

As referred from its name, an attractive landmark of Nigeria, especially for Muslims. This is also well-known as the “National Mosque of Abuja”. This mosque attracts not only Muslims but also people from other religions since this landmark shows Islamic culture, architecture and so on. 

Moshood Abiola National Stadium:

 For the fun-loving tourists of Nigeria, the most famous and popular man-made landmark of Nigeria,” the Moshood Abiola National Stadium,” is the perfect place to visit. Tourists that want joy and entertainment must add this place to their visit lists. This stadium is usually used for sports activities, cultural and other events. 

However, the landmarks mentioned above have made Nigeria one of the most attractive places to visitors as they display the culture and history of Nigeria. So, in your flying plan, visiting these landmarks is mandatory for a fruitful journey. 

Here you cover the first part of this article, but the guide and information didn’t over here as now we are going to discuss having the low-cost lights to visit the early mentioned landmarks of Nigeria. So, let’s jump to this. 

Information about the seasons of Nigeria

The rainy season usually starts in April and lasts until mid-November, and the dry seasons are Lagos’ two primary seasons (from November to March).

The best season for visiting Nigeria

The most incredible season to visit Lagos is November to February because the harmattan winds keep the temperature cooler, the weather is drier, and the air is less humid. 

How can tourists book cheap flights?

A fundamental and highlighted matter is to get cheap flights to Lagos from the UK. This issue can be resolved by booking the flights earlier, showing flexibility in visiting dates, being quick, taking advantage of airlines’ promotions, choosing the off seasons to visit, booking during the week and so on. The early mentioned tips can help you to have cheap flights to Nigeria. 


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