The Psychology of Wall Art: How Artwork Influences Mood and Emotion

Our home décor and design choices can have a significant impact on the way we feel. If you have entered a room and felt a surge of emotions – calmness or excitement, you may know what I am talking about. The wall art displayed in that room might be the hidden factor affecting your feelings. Studies have shown that art has the power to invoke emotions and also influence our moods. Thus, in this blog, we shall dive into the fascinating psychology behind wall art and explore how different types of artwork can impact our mental and emotional states.

The Psychology of Wall Art How Artwork Influences Mood and Emotion 1

The connection between wall art and our emotional states

Wall art can promote feelings of happiness, positivity, and calmness. It can also have the opposite effect and induce anxiety and depression in us. This is why it is vital that you choose your wall art carefully.

The connection between art and our emotional states is fascinating and enchanting. Let’s have a look at how exactly wall art affects us.

1.Colors are powerful:

Colors can have a profound effect on our emotions. The colors we choose in our wall art can affect our mood and emotional states. Vibrant and warm colors like red and orange tend to create feelings of excitement and energy.

They can be especially invigorating in areas of social interaction, like the living room or dining area. Meanwhile, cooler colors like blue and green tend to have a soothing effect and are commonly found in bedrooms and relaxation spaces. Pastel shades also promote feelings of serenity.

2.Subject of wall art:

Your wall art plays an integral role in shaping your emotions. Paintings depicting natural landscapes, seascapes, and lush forests often have a calming effect that transports us to peaceful settings and promotes relaxation.

Abstract art with its non-representational forms and vibrant hues can arouse a sense of mystery while engaging your imagination. For example, wooden wall art panels with abstract paintings on them can invoke a sense of mystery and awe.

 Portraits or human figures evoke feelings of empathy and are effective pieces to showcase in spaces where socialization is encouraged.

3.Type of art matters:

Different artistic styles and techniques can evoke different emotional responses. Realistic art’s attention to detail and accurate portrayal can elicit familiarity, making us feel closer to its subject matter (be it portraiture or still life). Meanwhile, impressionistic pieces characterized by loose brushstrokes and an emphasis on capturing essence can bring on dreamlike or ethereal feelings.

4.Size of art:

Wall art’s size and scale can also play an integral role in setting the overall tone for any room. Bold statements like large-scale artworks make an immediate statement that commands attention, creating a grandiose feeling while giving any room a more expansive feel.

However, smaller pieces can be more intimate and invite closer examination. They can be placed in cozy corners or grouped together to form visually appealing arrangements.

5.Personal connection:

Personalizing artwork to one’s own experiences or values can create a profound emotional response. Selecting pieces that resonate with these aspects can give the audience a sense of identity and belongingness that transcends time.

Artwork on your walls can serve to remind you of your cherished memories or inspire you with its symbolism, making the selection process more personal and emotional. Take into consideration your preferences when selecting wall art that resonates with you personally and emotionally.

Parting thoughts

Wall art is not just about filling empty spaces on our walls; it has the power to influence our moods and emotions. From the choice of colors and subject matter to artistic styles and personal connections, each element plays a role in shaping the ambiance of a room.

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