The Significance of Ore Pass In Underground Mining Activities

As the search for rich minerals evolves deeper beneath the earth’s surface, conditions become intense and hazardous. Without the right investments in the most appropriate technical modalities, significant losses will be recorded on investment. The technicalities used in extracting deeply rooted rich metals from the ground differs in both surface and underground mining activities. Surface mining operations are often cheaper and require less labor than underground mining.  

In a broader perspective, minerals can be contained in a rock or ore when it has been fully liberated, it must be transported from underground to the final liberation point. Most underground mining companies rely on ore pass for efficient transfer of materials from downstream to upstream.

Designed based on the gravitational force between various ground levels, Ore pass is a vertical or somewhat vertical pathway that is created as mining operations progress deep underground. The ore pass in any underground mine provides a simple, cost-effective and rapid material handling phenomena and also reduces haulage distances for material transfer. It serves as a key avenue used in uploading mined ores into underground mining bins or loading points.

Ore pass systems for underground mining transport operation can either be a flow-through ore pass system or a full ore pass system.

A flow-through ore pass system prevents the likelihood of hang-ups from occurring as it allows materials to completely pass down the system. A full Ore Pass on the other hand, ensures the continuous maintenance of a certain volume of materials on the systems at all times. This phenomenon of continuous material presence intensifies the level hang-up risks. 

HPE Product for Productive Ore Pass Delivery

Ore Pass Chute

HPE Ore Pass Chute is a robust, reliable and efficient equipment designed to aid in the loading of rocks and other materials into hoppers.

The Ore Pass Chute is made up of a steel structure, actuators, radial doors and controls. They are designed to fit well at the bottom of any ore pass in an underground mine to effectively control the loading of materials into hoppers.


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