The Ultimate Guide to Custom Lifts

The ultimate guide to custom lifts
The ultimate guide to custom lifts

Custom 2 post vehicle lifts are available nowadays from many different manufacturers, and they are a boon to shop owners who want custom vehicle lifts. The need for a custom 2-post lift arises from the necessity for the lift to be cost-effective and space-efficient. If the lifts were just available in a standard size, most people would end up with a lift too big and intrusive for what they need to use the lift for, and since no garage is universal.

A custom 2 post lift will be tailored just to the customer’s need, so a person with a small garage may choose a lift with small width, and a person with a larger one but a lower roof might need a lift that isn’t very tall. Custom lifts tend to be more expensive than the standard-sized lift provided by the respective company. The entire process of building a custom lift for your home or shoplift for your shop starts with survey teams from the company visiting the site and giving you recommendations.

The construction will begin according to the preference given. Custom lifts can also be built to look more visually appealing and different from traditional designs. Custom lifts are not provided by every manufacturer but are provided by most. The cost of a custom lift varies according to your needs, but generally, they will be, on average, around 2000 dollars more expensive than the standard 2 post lifts.

Scope of custom lifts

However, the term custom lifts are not limited to custom 2 post vehicle lifts and include all kinds of lifts built custom for specific needs. Overall these pros, one disadvantage for a custom lift is replacement parts. It takes longer for components to be fabricated over standard lifts. Custom lift manufacturers are not just for commercial and residential customers. They tend to cater to a much broader category of customers, from the military to lucrative contracts for car parking /storage organizations.

Most of the lifts in parking lots of underground malls are custom-made for their particular usage scenarios. Custom lifts are not just limited to two-post lifts but include any lift built for a custom purpose, such as the casino lifts. Custom lifts can also be made from scratch if the customer requires them. Most industrial applications require a lift which is not standard. The primary mechanism in most lifts is based on hydraulics, but custom lifts may use cables, pulleys, and a variety of other mechanisms according to the usage scenario.

Most shoplifts tend to have varied usage scenarios according to the requirement of the shop and the purpose the shop has for the lift; hence shoplifts also tend to make extensive use of custom-made lifts. Custom vehicle lists (excluding custom 2 post vehicle lifts ) are also extremely popular due to the large variety of cars and unique storage problems different homeowners face.


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