The Ultimate Guide To SEO For E-commerce Websites

Every online business wants to rank higher on Google than its competitors, and SEO services play a crucial role. However, what happens when you do not know the SEO services that will pull your site to the top? Search engine position is significant that you do not lose out on click, which gets you the revenue. You may be a newbie in this zone or someone looking to extend their knowledge about SEO, and this guide will immensely help you with your SEO strategy. So, let’s begin.

Today, it is not enough to be on the first page of Google, and your brand must rank at the top. Studies have found out that pages on the top receive almost double the impressions than those on the second. To put this in simple words, without a strong SEO plan, your brand tends to lose on a massive volume of brand impressions, sales, and clicks.

To carve out the most appropriate SEO plan for your brand, you should begin with thorough research. Only sound research can help you identify the right keywords for your homepage and the product page. 

Keyword Research

Keywords play a vital role in optimising the critical pages of your site. While researching keywords, remember to focus on relevancy, search volume and ranking difficulty. It is recommended that you do not go for keywords that are very broad or competitive. Keywords that have high competition often take a long time to rank. Similarly, keywords with a broad match will give you a high bounce rate and low conversion rates. This is because visitors will come to your page but will not find what they are looking for. 

Another key focus should be long-tail keywords with a high local exact match search volume and a lower difficulty level. Then you can shift to keywords with lower volumes that are relevant to your brand. Also, always remember not to stuff the pages with keywords. Quality content that is readable and shareable will always have the upper hand. 

An enemy of an SEO-optimised page is keyword cannibalisation. Keyword cannibalisation means several pages of the same website are competing to rank the same keyword. So, this should be avoided at all costs. 

The other significant part of keyword research is the study of competitor’s keywords. This also includes finding out their DA (Domain authority) and PA (Page Authorities). There are numerous tools available that can quickly help you find this information. You also need to check your competitor’s inbound links, backlinks, page score, domain score, etc. 

Going through a competitor’s website also helps you understand how you can improve your site. It also helps you identify if you want to take up a similar site layout or how you would want to divulge from it. 

Find Out The Current Issues

Auditing your website is another important part of SEO strategy. It is essential to find site errors and optimise website links, CSS, images, scripts, and apps from an SEO angle. Check your website speed and aim to keep the loading time at 3 seconds or lower. 

On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation stands for everything you do to make your website rank higher. On-page optimisation includes eight focus areas: site structure, internal linking, usability, mobile version of the site, keyword optimisation, social media integration, rich snippets, and customer reviews. 

More Testing

Besides these aspects, it would help if you also considered using analytics to study keyword behaviour, check meta titles and descriptions, etc. Puting quality content in the form of blogs, eBooks, and guides is another crucial step. Applying a uniform NAP format, quality inbound links, and employing the best SEO tools are other important steps needed to maintain an SEO-optimised website.

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