Things International Students Should Do Before Moving Abroad

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Moving abroad for higher study becomes a trend as every year numerous international students leave their family and friends behind to pursue higher education. Studying abroad is like a golden opportunity for international students that brings numerous opportunities for them. While studying abroad, international students get a high-quality education, explore new places, learn new languages, and immerse themselves into the new culture. While studying abroad international students also have to encounter some difficulties that help them to develop numerous skills and lead to personal growth. There are numerous things that international students must do before moving abroad. In this article, we will highlight all those things. 

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Here are some important things that international students consider before making the move:

Research Your Destination: 

Before moving abroad as an international student you must research your study destination. It is one of the best ways to get an idea about the country you are planning to move to. As it will help you to understand the culture, climate, language, and customs of your host country. In addition, you should also research about the city where your university is located.

Financial Planning: 

Indeed studying abroad is quite expensive, as international students have to pay a high amount of tuition fees in dollars. Apart from this they also have to manage their living expense. Therefore, international students usually struggle to manage their expenses while studying abroad. So, before moving abroad you have to be ready to tackle money-related problems. The best way, to manage your expenses while studying abroad is a budget plan.  So, to manage your expenses while studying abroad you have to create a budget and while creating a budget you have to include tuition fees, accommodation, food, transportation, and other living expenses. Apart from this, you can also look for scholarship opportunities and research part-time job options to manage expenses.


Before moving abroad international students must obtain health insurance. So, they must research healthcare options available to international students in their host country. Moreover, they have to understand the healthcare system and ensure the health insurance they buy is valid in their host country. Having valid health insurance helps international students to access quality medical facilities while studying abroad. 


Before moving abroad an international student must arrange their accommodation well in advance. Many universities abroad offer on-campus housing for international students. However, if the university you choose does not provide an on-campus housing facility, you should find other accommodation options. Then, you should research private accommodation options such as renting an apartment or staying with a local family.

Language Skills: 

Indeed different countries speak different languages and to survive in a particular country one must know the local language of that particular country. Therefore, when moving abroad international students students must research the language spoken in their host country. If the language spoken in their destination country is different from their native language, they must learn the local language of their host country. For that, they can join a language course and a language exchange program, so they can learn a language. Learning the local language of their host country is crucial for international student’s survival over there. Therefore, before moving abroad they must polish their language skills.  

Stay Connected: 

Leaving their family and friends behind and moving abroad for higher study is not an easy task. Initially, students miss their family and friends the most. This feeling leads to homesickness that impacts their study abroad journey. Apart from this, they avoid interacting with others, isolate themselves, and cannot focus on their academics. To deal with this situation, international students must stay connected with their families and friends back home. They should regularly talk to them on a phone call and video call. In this way, they feel that they are connected with their family. Moreover, they can share their problems with them and get excellent solutions and full support. It will also help them to deal with homesickness. 

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Wrapping up:

To wrap it up, before moving abroad international students must do all the above-mentioned things. These things will make your study abroad transition easy and smooth.



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