Things to Know Before Selling Your Car to a Scrapyard in GTA

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Many people think that Ajax scrapyard companies buy cars and crush them on site to get the scrap metals for recycling. This isn’t always the case. While they do this for vehicles that are severely damaged, they’re not always only after the scraps. The truth is that they also purchase old, unused and damaged cars for their parts. They examine vehicles, checking which of their components can still be used for other applications. In fact, they sell some cars at auctions or to car collectors and restorers.

How much you will get from selling your old car to a scrapyard in Oshawa depends on various factors. Before you call an auto wrecker, you may want to evaluate your vehicle first to get a fair deal.

  • Year, make, and model

The top three considerations when evaluating the value of used cars are the year, make, and model. The age and condition of your car will significantly impact its selling price. Some junkyards also pay more for specific models of cars, specifically those that are often collected and restored.

  • How long it hasn’t been used

The scrapyard will also want to know how long the car has been left unused. Why? Because unused engines, batteries, and other car parts are more likely to lose their functionality. If it has been years since you last drove the vehicle, then many of its parts may no longer be suitable for certain types of recycling.

  • The current market value of the vehicle

Scrap companies will also base the quote on the current market value of that same vehicle in used condition. It’s a good idea to search for information on how much vehicles of the same year, make, and model sell for today.

  • The current price of scrap metal

This is one of the most important factors to consider when determining the price of your junk car, especially if yours is severely damaged. If the price of scrap is down, then you can’t expect to get a high ROI for your vehicle.

Ready to call a scrapyard in Whitby? Before that, make sure to do a quick background check on the company. Get as much information about them to know if they are indeed someone you can trust.

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