Things to Look Out for in a Memory Care Facility in San Antonio, TX

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It can be devastating to learn that an elderly loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s. However, that means you should take the time to consider their safety and well-being in the long run. As the condition progresses, they may want to consider the services of a memory care facility in San Antonio, TX. Unlike traditional nursing homes, memory care facilities provide a more personalized care program that suits every resident. Choosing the right facility can be challenging, but consider these things when making your decision:

  • The environment – Make sure that the facility is designed to look and feel like home. This is an important feature that can help your loved one feel safe and comfortable in the long run. Check that the facility is well-equipped to prevent roaming and other security issues. It has designated areas where residents can mingle, socialize, take walks, and engage in activities like their hobbies and preferred entertainment.
  • The staff – Look for a memory care facility in San Antonio, TX, with a highly experienced and trained staff and licensed caregivers. There should be at least one caregiver for every five residents. Check if the facility can provide round-the-clock care for residents in case your loved one’s care needs increase over time.
  • Number of residents – To ensure the highest-quality memory care and attention for every resident, a reputable facility accepts only a small number of residents at a time. One of the leading memory care facilities in San Antonio, TX has only 16 beds, with private and semi-private rooms.
  • The quality of the memory care program – Consider memory care that is tailored to the unique needs of your loved one. Make sure it provides a supervised, safe, and dignified environment to your loved one where they are celebrated as an individual. Check that the activities are planned and tailored to suit every resident, so pleasant memories are more likely to be triggered.
  • Long-term costs – You might be worried that the care program will become more expensive down the line, especially when your loved one requires more intensive care. Some facilities offer a steady price that remains the same, even as your loved one requires more memory care in San Antonio, TX.

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