Tint Room Cebu is Offering a Wide Range of High-Quality Car Tints For Exceptional Heat Rejection

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Cebu, Philippines: A reliable provider of quality car tints for automotive, homes, restaurants and car accessories in the Philippines, Tint Room Cebu is glad to offer their advanced car tint technologyfor heat rejection in your vehicle.

Tint Room Cebu is a tinted glass and auto accessories store that stands out among the most reliable companies in the Philippines that offers tinted glass solutions and automotive accessories. The store provides window tinting solutions and automotive accessories, guaranteed by superior quality along with special offers for customers to buy their favorite auto accessories and use tints on car windows without worrying about prices.

Tinted windows are windows with a layer of heat rejection film applied on the interior side. These films reduce the amount of solar, infrared, and ultraviolet rays that enter through windows. Previously, these films were made of dyed or metalized materials, which led to discoloration of the films. To avoid this, modern dyeing technology has invented ceramic glass films that are non-metallic and are not made from dyes. Although the cost of tinted ceramic films is much higher than that of ordinary window films, they can control heat transfer and block ultraviolet rays.

Tint Room Cebu with its highly skilled staff, offers various types and quality of window tinting technology to provide exceptional heat rejection. Some of the car tint series provided by them are:

  • Nano-Tech Max Series
  • Nano-Tech Clearsky Series
  • Nano-Tech Charcoal Series
  • NanoTech VIP Series
  • NanoTech Reflective Series

The window tinting offered by Tint Room Cebu is one of the most advanced window film technology in the world. It is a 100% nano-ceramic film made from pure ultrafine nanoparticles of antimony and tin oxide. Its primary advantage is to provide the best heat rejection results from UV and IR. Their car tint series rejects about 99% heat and allows 10-50% light to be transmitted in the car for visibility.

The key features offered by the Tint Room Cebu’s max series ceramic tint are:

  • Protection against car interior fading
  • Solar heat rejection with maximum infrared rejection
  • Remarkable clarity
  • Signal friendly, non-conductive, compatible with GPS and radio signal devices
  • Cuts down on hazardous glare, and protects the skin and eyes

To know more about car tints and other car accessories, visit the official website https://tintroomcebu.com/. In case of any query, call on 032 233-7140, 032 233-7139, mobile numbers: (0917) 703 2742 or (0977) 891 2016 or email at [email protected].

About the Company:

Tint Room Cebu, the pioneer car accessories shop in Cebu city Philippines that was established in 2003. The Company offer a wide range of window tinting, GPS tracker devices, and residential and commercial window tint services to their customers at a great value.



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