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Top 5 Logistics Companies in Chennai in 2022

Due to a lack of accurate statistics, selecting a service provider for logistics may be problematic as the decision-making process for such requirements generally depends on the numbers that one can see. Everyone wants reliable and quality work in addition to reputation – especially when it comes to transport and warehousing needs. These top logistics businesses in Chennai have been evaluated based on accuracy, dependability, quality and ability to help you make a rational decision. Look through our top-rated logistics and supply chain companies in Chennai to pick the one that’s right for you.

Velocity Freight

This is one of the top logistics companies in Chennai, and it believes in providing imaginative, cost-efficient, and time-efficient solutions for every logistical situation that a company may face. They are proud of their delivering services methodology, which includes looking forward and creating exceptional and personalised services for every client. It is something that they practise in all aspects of their business. One of their key improvement tactics is to engage with their customers regularly, allowing them to develop and increase their capabilities over time. It looks into services like B2B deliveries, warehousing, cloud tracking, etc.

ProConnect Supply Chain

This company was founded in 2012, and it provides end-to-end supply chain solutions to over one hundred and seventy global brands across industry verticals. It has earned a name for being one of the best shipping and logistics companies in Chennai. The company also provides much more than the ability to assist your company’s operations with a very well and deeply intertwined array of end-to-end services and solutions with regard to supply chain management. Some of them are importing and exporting, 3PL solutions, warehousing, transportation, etc.

TVS Supply Chains Solution Limited

This organisation offers a wide range of supply chain solutions & management and is an expert in converting logistics distribution networks through improved productivity, clarity, and lower production costs. TVS SCS has developed into a leading organisation with a host of services like Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Tech Logistics, Manufacturing, and Cargo Services.

JUSDA Supply Chain Management

With almost two decades of experience in proper supply chain management, JUSDA is Foxconn Technology Group’s only licensed company for supply chain management services. It focuses on end-to-end logistics activities in the production sector’s overall process, up from raw materials to the finished and down from the finished products to end consumers. Its services include cloud trucking, B2B deliveries, warehouse management, etc.

H&S Supply Chain Services

H&S is the only company in the country that offers 3.5 PL services as well as customisable storage spacing. It was established on a vision: to create a transformation in India’s logistics and transport business. The company is based in India and has centres around the European Union. It looks into 3PL, 3.5PL, and 4PL requirements.

Varuna Group

This company was founded in 1996 and provides end-to-end logistics solutions in over sixty branches spread across India. It offers a great portfolio of services like primary transportation, secondary transportation, cargo services, expedited transportation, warehousing (distributed, consolidation, in-plant), etc. 

If you are looking for a company to partner with for warehousing and transportation requirements, you must have a look at Varuna Group. It is a 3PL company that provides exceptional logistics services all over the country. Learn more here!


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