Trekking Tips For Beginners The Complete Guide

How many of you want to have your lives full of thrill and adventure? We believe most people try to lead their lives doing something challenging and terrifying whenever they get a chance. One such activity is trekking and hiking. Apart from fun and joy, it serves as one of the most impactful and resulting workouts. But if you are a beginner in the field of climbing rocks and mountains, you must have at least a basic knowledge of it. This is important you save yourself from landing in an accident that might even cost you your life. However, considering it just a means of workout would be wrong because it demands much more than what a simple workout in the gym or walking and running demands. While trekking, you are not even aware of your path. Read through the post to learn how to start with the kit.

Small and wise routes

You should be well aware of your stamina and your limits. There is no point choosing long and difficult routes at the beginning itself and then losing. It would do nothing but demotivate you. These activities are for fun and not for leading you to pain, physically or mentally. So choose to climb fewer heights in the beginning. We suggest this to people who are physically unfit or who have less stamina. Once you feel that the point has come to increase your difficulty levels, do it. But don’t do it all of a sudden, do it gradually.

Trekking Tools

You must have seen pictures of trekkers. What do you see to be more common in all of them? A trekking bag? Yes, trekking might be one of the main tools. Bur the most important and crucial tool is your shoes. Yes, if you have carried forward your trekking passion, you must buy suitable shoes for it. In fact, there are special shoes for trekking and climbing mountains. These keep you away from injuring yourselves and slipping. For shoes, we would say that buy high ankle shoes, as they give better support to your feet. Coming to your bags, you should keep it light. Don’t carry unnecessary items. And avoid heavy-weight items.

Favorable Weather

Before you start your hike, check the weather forecast of the area. By this, you can avoid your discomfort. Also, you will get a rough idea of how you should pack your bags. You can carry your woolens accordingly. If the weather is going to be extremely bad, you must not continue with your plans. Nothing is more important than your health. And if you are a beginner, you will definitely not be able to handle the bad weather conditions at the heights.

Right Dress

While caring for your feet, you also need to take care of your whole body. Therefore, this becomes important that you choose the right dress, right from its style to its fabric. When it comes to the fabric of your trekking dress, it should be of something synthetic and not in cotton. Synthetic clothes don’t get damp and keep you comfortable, unlike cotton ones. Put on layers. Yes, if you wear enough layers after layers, you can shed off them when you feel hot. But you should not start with just a t-shirt on. Also, we would suggest having some extra warm clothes so that they can stop the wind from hitting you at heights.

Trekking Season

Trekking always comes with weather extremities. Either it is going to be very cold or extremely hot. But this totally depends on which part of the world you have opted for your trekking. So research your trekking destination well. However, it is often said that you should go for hikes during the transition period of weather. And that, you should go for it during the winter season. But you also need to be alert of the spring season. There are some places in the world where hikers and trackers have witnessed flies and other critters’ storms. This is definitely going to disrupt your hiking adventure.


KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED!. For trekking, you need energy. You get energy from food. But it is always advisable to have something light or liquid before starting your trek. So, where will you get more energy from? Obviously, the amount of your water intake is going to decide that. So carry enough water with yourself. The moment you feel thirsty and don’t have anything to drink, you will start losing your zeal. Also, you can pack some snacks and protein bars. So we have discussed everything one needs to know about trekking tips as a beginner. We wish you a great trip. One last thing we would like to suggest to you is that never lose your confidence. At the same never, force oneself to do the impossible. Ist good to push yourself. But never be harsh on yourself.

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