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Are you looking for high-definition USB cameras that offer excellent megapixels? If you’ve decided on 5 MP, you’ve arrived at the correct blog. We’ll discuss a wide range of 5 MP camera modules, and list out each of their properties. This is because we can’t just go to an online store and purchase a 5 MP USB camera module. If you know even a few types of 5 MP USB cameras, you’ll find it easier to not just precisely choose a suitable 5 MP camera but you’ll also start applying the same concept with cameras of different MPs and then will be able to choose more accurately. We’ll also contrast this with a 13 MP USB camera module so that you get to have a picture of the whole range.

Let’s start with mentioning the basic features of the 5 MP USB Camera Module with Aptina MT9P001 Sensor and 3.6 mm lens – This is quite a lightweight 5 MP USB camera module. You can manually adjust its focus and it provides several controllable features like sharpness, contrast, brightness, exposure, white balance, and even the role of backlight contrast. Its price range is roughly 50 $ – 70 $. Then we have the 5 MP USB Box Camera with Aptina MT9P001 Sensor, CS 4 mm Lens, and 2 m (6.5 ft) cable – this product’s focusing range, controllable features, and night vision are all the same as that of 3.6 mm lens. The advantage is that the lens’s size is bigger and useful accessories are provided alongside, which may be cost-beneficial. Overall, the product will not exceed 90 $ and its minimum price will go as far as 60 $. This product also comes as a compact box camera version and the difference in costs is only around 5 $. The last one we’ll assess is the Weatherproof 5 MP USB Dome Camera IR Aptina MT9P001 Sensor with 3.6 mm Lens and 3 m cable – Now this is ideal for CCTV purposes. Its basic features resemble the previously mentioned products’ features, and the camera itself has significant weight (around 350 grams). All of the 5 MP products mentioned here can sustain harsh weather to an appreciable extent and will tolerate humidity as high as 80%.

If you are going for a 13 MP USB camera module, then there are two popular choices available in the market – one is an auto-focus module and the other is a sensory type with non-distortion. These, of course, are a little pricey but won’t cost you more than 120$.

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