Uses of Ultra-fine Bubble Generator in Laboratories

Ultra-fine bubble generators or nano bubbles generators have been widely used in arrays of applications from environmental remediation to medicine.

Bubbles contained in a liquid are visible to the eyes when the bubble sizes are large enough to see, as we can see bubbles in carbonated drinks or those coming from the air diffuser in a water tank. Bubbles produced are in size of a few millimetres in a diameter and shown visible in a liquid form because these bubbles are scattering substances. Bubbles in diameter smaller than the wavelength of light are called ultrafine bubbles.These bubbles come with remarkable features that ordinary bubbles do not possess.

These special features of ultrafine bubbles have attracted attention from many industries such as food, cosmetics, chemical, medical, semi-conductor and agriculture.

Market today is available with two types of nano bubble generator technologies. The first one is gas-water circulation types of nano bubble generators and second one is a gas-water pressurization-decompression generator. Most such units are based on the principle or combination of both.

The ultra-fine generators production methods of fine bubbles are described as pressurized dissolution, rotational flow, turbulent static mixer, ejector nozzle, ultrasonic, oscillator, venture, and mixed vapour direct contact condensation. Capability to emit very fine bubble in micro sizes, they hold more interesting properties than larger bubbles. Also, they have high specific area and high stagnation features in the liquid phase.

This method of ultrafine bubble generation is based on the principles of Henry’s law which truly related the concentration of a gas to the partial pressure. It means more gas can be easily dissolved into a solution at a higher pressure. The principle of the ultrafine bubble generator is done using several steps. All the steps play key role in creating fine bubbles and ultrafine bubbles in the liquid form.

In today’s time oxygen and other gases are the fundamental building block which all living beings rely. Ultra-fine bubble generators are widely used in labs because they create more bubbles to harness the power of these gases for the demulsification of oil, used as a cutting agent to clean hydrocarbons from substrates, soil & water remediation, accelerating plant growth, reducing mortality in livestock accelerating fermentation and also perform other tasks which were quite expensive earlier.

The nano bubble generator creates bubbles which remain suspended in fluids for several months. This makes the bubbles available for use by all living things and creates an environment for a healthier planet.

Zero harm features make it an ideal lab ozone generator to be used in different research industries and lab institutions. Installing quality nanomisercan easily reduce energy consumption by 20 – 50% over other commonly prescribed generators and transfers more than 90% of oxygen.

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