Wahaso Urges Property Owners to Save Water with Rainwater Harvesting Systems

July 2020, Canada: Water Harvesting Solutions (Wahaso), a leading provider of rainwater harvesting systems, is urging people to install commercial-grade solutions for water reuse. 

Wahaso offers a complete range of custom commercial water harvesting solutions. Their systems are designed with the commercial-grade components and sophisticated controls required in commercial buildings for reliability, automated functions, and connectivity to BAS systems.The company offers solutions directly to developers, builders, architects, engineers, contractors, and property-owners.

Customized rainwater harvesting solutions offered by Wahaso can supply water for non-potable applications such asirrigation. For every square foot of surface, a one-inch rainfall will collect 0.623 gallons of water. Using that calculation,  a 2,000 square foot building can collect 1,200 gallons from a one-inch rain event, and a 10,000 square foot office building can collect 6,000 gallonsfrom a one-inch rain event.

Wahaso works closely with architects and engineers who are designing buildings.They  provide engineering support for the design of commercial-grade processing systems that treat and pressurizeharvested rainwater. These turn-key systems capture, store, treat and reuse stormwater and groundwater collected from  rooftops, softscapes and hardscapes.

Wahaso’s rainwater harvesting systems are a good option for property owners interested in sustainability and saving water. Rainwater harvesting results in less usage of municipal water, which in turn saves costs and decreases the impact on local water sources.Water harvestingcreates a sustainable source of water for irrigation and othernon-poatable applications. Become part of a greener, more sustainable world. Visit https://wahaso.com/.

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About the Company:

Water Harvesting Solutions Inc, is an expert in designing, building, and delivering custom systems for on-site water reuse of greywater, rainwater and stormwater on commercial and institutional projectsthroughout the USA and Canada.


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