Wall Decals: Make Full Use of Your Office Walls

Vinyl wall decals are a great way to inject fresh energy into an office. Versatile and affordable, wall decals have being recognized as the most user-friendly way of giving the office a makeover. Far easier to apply than paint and easy to remove without damaging the paintwork, decals are the perfect décor for the office manager of today.

In this article, we look at some benefits of using wall graphics at the workplace, tell you about the different kinds of decals and collate some inspiring designs from Pinterest.

Benefits of Using Wall Decals in the Office

1. Change the colour scheme

Most offices in Edmonton are prepared in the standard off-white or beige wall paint. It is considered neutral and inoffensive, though it sure can become demoralizing after some time. Complete wall decals can be any colour you want and can be applied over the standard paintwork. It’s like repainting without losing the security deposit.

2. Make an exciting space for employees

Change drives motivation. Wall graphics are a great way to make the office space more exciting and keep it feeling fresh. Certain colour schemes have been shown to have a positive impact on morale and productivity, while changeable graphics can instil creativity.

3. Enhance the customer experience

Decals serve a dual purpose of adding visual appeal and relaying information. Graphics can be used to enhance décor, showcase promotions and enhance wayfinding – all the while promoting your brand. Seasonal decals are particularly effective at driving engagement and raising the perception of your business.

4. Brand your space

One of the biggest downsides of blank walls is incomplete branding. A lobby sign is good for identifying the business, but brand building requires subtle repetition. Vinyl wall decals are inexpensive and allow you to creatively present your brand before customers.

Different Types of Custom Wall Decals

With such tremendous scope for creativity, no two wall graphics are alike. A business owner or office manager can truly incorporate anything they want on their walls. There are three basic flavors of decals: complete wall decals that cover the wall entirely; partial decals that are cut to custom shapes; and wall lettering that is used for messaging.

Here are a few decal ideas to get you started:

  • Add inspirational quotes
  • Recreate artwork on walls
  • Showcase portfolios
  • Show timelines describing origins of the business
  • Highlight awards and achievements
  • Promote new products and services

Team wall graphics with elements like doors and windows for truly interactive art!

Looking for Creative Graphics for Your Office?

Look no further. 3SixtySignSolutions is the sign company in Edmonton business owners trust for custom wall decals. We print, build and install all types of graphics – affordably. Talk to a representative about your requirements.



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