Warehousing Conveyor System – How Beneficial in Sorting Garments?

The garment conveyor system ensures every piece of garment is kept systematically and within easy reach. Such systems can be used for different purposes but all depending on the requirement of the business. The compact design of the auto uniform conveyor allows for different configurations – all depending on your specific needs. They are truly wonderful for uniform storage and retrieval, retail garment display, inmate property storage, residential closets and many more.

Garment conveyor systems provide a wide variety of innovative and dependable conveying and product handling systems to move product through the lines as efficiently as possible.

Garment warehousing conveyor systems are beneficial in many ways:

Built to Suit

Warehouse garment racks are built to suit uniform distribution storage needs. Actually uniform distribution storage racking is a simple solution that is smartly designed to work hassle-freely and other garment handling solutions include speed rail, conveyors, Carousels, RFID sorting, Elevators, and big containers for loading and unloading.

Improve Storage Capacity

Most of the warehouses make use of multi-tier storage racks that are designed to safely, efficiently and ergonomically maximize your storage capacity and at the same time maintaining the perfect distance between racks for easy access and great work-flow.

Adjustable Modular Design

The racks of the warehouse conveyor systems are fully adjustable and also they are capable of being stripped and reassembled if needed. The racks come with bright zinc finish and upright supports are smartly joined to your floor.

Warehousing conveyor systems work great in diverting and sorting the items of the conveyor. These are widely used in manufacturing companies for sorting clothes or uniforms etc. Usually the sorting is based on line codes that can include capacity, weight and shape.

Auto uniform conveyor systemhttps://www.alphaconveyor.com/auto-uniform-conveyor-for-hotels/ used in warehouses easily reduces wasted employee time and effort shuffling through endless garment tags seeking for the correct one and increase income. This also protects customers and employees from getting impatient waiting at the counter, and in the meanwhile more important tasks can be looked after.

Amazing features that auto uniform conveyor system deliver to the users include:

• Ensure storage to a large number of uniform items in a limited space.

• Acts as an excellent ROI for large hotels, resorts, casinos, amusement parks and convention centers.

• Ensure automatic retrieval of garments by employees – but only after using the ID card as a method of identification.

• Suppleness with RFID tags, barcodes and man-readable labels.

• Easy tracking and monitoring of each uniform piece using the latest ultra-high frequency and RFID technology.

• Reduces manual labor

Easy in installation, auto uniform conveyors are very durable and deliver maintenance free operation. Because of durable features, the life of these conveyors is more than 20 years. Get such system today to keep your employees away from uniform related hassles.

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