Warwickmed Helps NHS To Run More Efficiently Resulting In A Greener Planet

Warwickshire, UK, May 2021: Warwickmed is practicing sustained efforts to make a greener planet and making patient communication more effective with the help of named theatre caps.

The NHS is a huge organization with over 1.3 million staff. With this type of huge facility we are directly responsible for nearly 4-5 % of the country’s carbon and air pollution with a major effect on the complete healthcare system. Post Covid it’s mandatory for everyone at NHS to wear a surgical mask; thus, the number of blue surgical masks being produced and discarded has skyrocketed. It’s estimated that over 54 million masks are binned every day; that’s more than 1.6 billion every month!

Not only they cannot be recycled, but they also take over 20 years to break down, because they contain cellulose fibers which causes harm to the environment and wildlife. Warwick Med produces and distributes washable surgical theatre caps that can be reused for years, and meet infection control guidelines, thus, no more bin loads of caps going to landfill every day, and a considerable saving to each hospital or NHS trust!

At Warwickmed we are concerned about patient communication and safety thus we came up with named theatre caps, as misidentification and miscommunication causes problems and impact patients’ anxiety and recovery. Without knowing whom to address their concerns or questions to, many patients feel isolated and with no control over their care.

Visit Warwick Med for customized surgical products such as named theatre caps, scrubs, laundry bags, scrub Jackets, etc. They will deliver their products on time and under your budget. For more information, call 0330 102 5810 or visit https://www.warwickmed.co.uk/

About the Company:

Warwick Med deals with quality and reusable surgical products such as theatre caps, personalized surgical caps, masks, scrub, scrub Jackets, and much more. The theatre caps can be customized and you can choose the color, threads, etc. They can also add buttons to your hats (for mask loops to reduce the pressure on the ears) which will be complimentary.  You can choose the lightweight fabric (4oz) or the mid-weight fabric (5.75oz) for all orders.



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