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Water Pumping Solutions For Hydropower Mining Equipment

The 21st century mining industry has continued to maintain its relevance in shaping the economic growth of nations. This is because it remains a vital source of mineral supplies needed for production of essential items.

Despite its significance to economic growth and development, the mining industry is faced with numerous challenges of market volatility, increasing energy costs, increasing cost of equipment and increasing cost of labour. It is against this backdrop that mining companies must drive towards improved production, efficiency, and profitability, while paying serious attention to adhering to environmental and occupational safety standards.

Hydropower mining equipment promotes efficient, effective, productive and highly profitable mining operations. They are engineered with state-of-the-art technology which ensures smooth mining operations devoid of unfriendly environmental problems. Hydropower mining equipment also takes off the cost of diesel, electricity and gasoline that are used to power machines.

Mining operations that make use of hydropower mining equipment require strong and reliable water pumping equipment that ensures constant supply and distribution of water to all equipment as well as chemical circulation networks in mines.

HPE Solutions

HPE has a long standing track record of providing the best grade pumping solutions to mining companies in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa.

The solutions we offer include,


The HPE AquaPump is a perfect design that is flexible and can easily be maneuvered. It is mainly designed to power equipment ranging from rock drills, chain saws, sweeping cleaning tools and others.

The HPE AquaPump operates by delivering constant high pressure water at variable flow rates in a form factor that is very convenient.

high pressure pump

High Pressure Pump

HPE High Pressure Pump is a high performance technological pump, designed to provide high pressure water to hydropower rock drills, drilling rigs, loaders, jet guns, chutes and all other water operated devices for smooth, efficient, effective and productive mining operations.

3 Chamber Pump System

The 3 Chamber Pump System from HPE is a reliable water pumping solution for hydropower equipment that remains unmatched by it peers in the market.

HPE’s 3 Chamber Pump System is specially designed to operate by recovering the gravitational pressure of water entering a mine and uses it to pump water out of the mine.

The 3 Chamber Pump System, while pumping water out of the mine, allows conventional dewatering pumps to be switched off for most of the time. This activity in effect saves energy and cost of maintenance.

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