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January 2021, USA: Boomerangcare provides reliable non emergency medical transportation services as per your needs and preferences. 24*7 transportation services are available where we take care of you and your needs are a priority providing utmost comfort and care.

Boomerangcare offers the best Non- emergency medical transportation services where not just your transportation needs are a priority but also your comfort is paid equal attention by the experienced and trained professionals and the authorized drivers of the transportation vehicles.

By allowing us to serve you for all your transportation needs, you will be able to visit all the places you wish to go, be it your regular doctor’s clinic for check-up or be it to the church, that too on-time and comfortably.

There are quite a few options of transportation from which you will be able to choose your ride. We also have vehicles, such as: equipped wheelchair and ambulance services. We do have medical instruments like oxygen masks, vital checking machines for immediate basic medical assistance. We do take a detailed history your health conditions to offer you the much needed comfort, care and protection.

With the advent of Internet, things have changed and how. Our vehicles are always connected to the main office and also with the authorities of the state, hence ensuring your safety.

About the Company:

Boomerangcare is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation providing company in New Jersey in the United States of America. It was founded over 10 years ago in Mountainside. We ensure our customers’ safety, punctuality, comfort.  


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