Welding Fume Extraction: Which Is Best, On-Torch or At-Source With Extraction Arms?

All welding activities irrespective of the material being welded, generate fumes that are hazardous if inhaled. Now consider the degree of danger that welders are exposed to. Welding operators require the right mechanisms in place to extract fumes generated as they work.

There is always a boost in productivity when fume extractors are installed in workspaces where welding takes place. A reduction in sick leave and an increase to morale are rewards for protecting workers from welding fume exposure.

On-Torch fume extraction and At-Source fume extraction are two unique methods used to remove the hazards of welding fumes.

On-Torch fume extraction facilitates capturing welding fumes using a welding torch with a built in nozzle connected to a high vacuum extraction unit. Its advantageous since It makes work more flexible for the operator. The welder does not need to frequently reposition an extraction hood for fume extraction.

The On-Torch fume extraction system uses high speed extraction and low air volumes to extract the fumes completely. This High Vacuum Technology creates some level of disturbance in the shielding gas used for the welding operation which paves way for fume absorbency where some fume particles escape the capturing process into the environment. This method can achieve fume extraction of about 80-90% when used efficiently. It is also dependent on the type of shielding gas, the material and the expertise of the welder. Despite this challenge, the On-Torch extraction method is efficient for use in confined areas and when welding very large items.

The At-Source fume extraction method using extraction arms, captures fumes at the source as they are generated. The extraction arms are placed closer to the position where welding is taking place and as such capture the highest volume of airborne contaminants produced from the welding activity.

At-Source fume extraction with extraction arms ensures fumes and particles captured whilst welding is directed through the hood and hose of the arms into filtration units.

Extracting fumes At-source, is considered the most efficient method for removing welding fumes from the environment for welders.

The technological system upon which At-Source fume extraction is based, uses high air volumes at lower speed and pressure to capture fumes. This method prevents interference with the shielding gas used. The unique nature of the At-Source system of fume extraction facilitates up to about 98% – 100% of fumes extracted. 

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