What A Home Inspector May Not Be Able to Tell You

Things a Home Inspector Cant Tell You
Things a Home Inspector Cant Tell You

Home Inspectors Can’t Answer Some Buyer QuestionsWhen you are buying a home one of the standard rituals is having the home inspected. Having a home inspection is certainly wise on a buyers part. You want to have a complete understanding of what you are purchasing.Without having a home evaluation you could be purchasing a lemon that nobody wants. Some people think home inspectors should be able to anwer everything single question or point out every possible defect.Sorry but that is impossible. The buyer is only in a home for a few hours. It is unreasonable to think they will know everything.In the article at ASHI, you will see some of the potential problems a home inspector might not identify. You need to understand that home inspectors are not miracle workers. They are humans with faults just like the rest of us.The article will identify for you what a home inspector might not be able to give you a clear answer to. It will be your job to get further evaluations on these things identified by the inspector.



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