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Ecommerce Shipping is essential when you sell things online, and as savvy e-retailers are well aware, it involves much more than just mailing a shipment. The costs of operating an online store can add up, primarily if you mismanage your shipping. Researching areas where you may decrease costs and invest your money wisely without making costly errors is always advantageous.

However, managing problems like service quality and ancillary costs can also be challenging and costly. The best part is that there are steps that shippers for worldwide ecommerce shipping may take to prevent the most typical shipping errors.

1. Poor packaging of the shipment

Goods that are not adequately wrapped have a higher chance of being damaged in transit. Because of faulty packaging, carriers have started to reject a lot of damage claims. Spend the time to speak with a packaging expert to cut out wasteful expenses and reduce liability.

2. Incorrect shipment weight

Some companies might not have the equipment required for cargo weighing, which leads to estimated weights. At their terminals, carriers have certified scales, and if the initial estimate is incorrect, they will re-weigh the shipments and charge for the additional weight. Re-weighing fees quickly mount up, so starting with a good scale saves money.

3. Failure to Comply with Local Regulations

Remember that differing restrictions, taxes, documents, etc., may increase the duration and cost of your shipping process if you send outside the country. Working with a partner who can guarantee accuracy and efficiency and is knowledgeable about the regulations of the countries you ship to makes sense because every country has distinct shipping criteria.

4. Focus on one shipping company.

Some shippers entrust all of their shipping requirements to a single carrier. Even though it makes sense to develop reliable connections, relying solely on one carrier to handle all of your shipping can be very expensive. There might be no one available to move your freight if the carrier goes on strike or reduces the capacity of its facilities. Having relationships with numerous carriers is a smart business move if you want to take advantage of competitive pricing and flexible operations.

5. Ship to the wrong address

This happens to be one of the most typical shipment errors. If shippers don’t take the time to confirm the destination address on the bill of lading, freight may end up in the incorrect location. Even one incorrect number in the ZIP code might make it difficult and time-consuming to find cargo.


The majority of the manual procedures associated with shipping can be eliminated with eCommerce shipping software. You and your consumer both benefit from the hours you save each day. It’s time to connect with the worldwide market to advance your company. Shypmax, the country’s first LPaaS, is here to uphold a smooth cross-border distribution system with simple documentation and compliances. Businesses may easily obtain CSB IV and CSB V compliances thanks to the platform. It offers IOSS services in accordance with EU and UK legislation to avoid receiving any unexpected customs fees. Spanning 40+ nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Canada, and South-East Asia, with 70+ carriers & network partners.

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