What Are The Different Types Of Product Photography For E-commerce?

diy product photography
diy product photography

Product photography is a crucial part of promotion and branding. Product photography is not a limited niche. It conveys the message of the brand to the target audience. Product Photography helps large industries and their brand to grow rapidly. Product photography is carried out based on the following factors:

  • Type of business  for the Gurgaonication strategy 

  • Target audience

  • Use of products 

The goal of product photography is clear and crisp. It mainly highlights the object and captivates the interest of the audience. Product Photography is, therefore, the initial step towards launching a product.  Would you buy something based only on the description? A majority of people probably wouldn’t because the visual representation of the product plays an important role in making your decision. The level of trust a visual representation creates in the mind of a customer is more than a text description. 

The visual representation of the product must be created, keeping in mind the type and use of the product. The picture must convey the message and highlight the worth of the product. The product photography shouldn’t disappoint the customers at their first glance. There are many e-commerce product photography services in Gurgaon that offer various types of photography methods to boost the sales of the E-commerce website. 

Product photography uses different typologies to segment and solidify its position in the market. Some of them are:

  • 360-degree photography 

The 360-Degree Photography resonates with the audience interested in sport’s shoes. The demanding and technical audience requires a good and ample memory to get a view of these premium products. The use of 360- Degree photography is a sort of default for this niche of products. 

The E-commerce websites engaged in selling sports shoes use this type of photography. It also requires a hefty memory to store and support the files of the pictures clicked. Sports shoes are very ubiquitous, and therefore, it is the design of the product that compliments the brand. 

  • Photo composing 

Photo composing is a type of photography that shows a clear set of objects from above. The pictures are taken from a higher position to display the correct angles at which the products are placed. Products that have a lot of elements mostly require photo composing. 

However, this method must be chosen only for limited criteria to highlight the product. Photo composting helps to highlight all the product elements and create a connection between the customer and the brand. This format is a major attraction for social media platforms as it displays tastes, lifestyles, and values the brand holds. 

  • Close up photography 

Close up photography is used to focus on the specific parts of the object and highlight the details of the product. This type of photography is used to promote the product’s pages of the E-commerce websites. The close-up images are used for products like jewelry, vintage, and antique objects that are premium. 

Close-up photography gives a realistic impression of the product to the customers. It can be expensive but is worth giving a try because it expresses the right level of quality and value. Therefore, you can use close up photography to set the correct expectation for the client buying the product. 

  • Real environment photography 

Real environment photography places the object in a real environment to connect the product with its values and history. It contextualizes the product giving an authentic look to the customers. A majority of the brands in the market today are adopting this method of photography to create empathy in the hearts of their audience and promote their brand conventionally. 

Real environment photography is actively used in the fashion industry and decorative niches to promote a certain way of living. This type of photography is majorly used to connect the customers with the brand environment and moment to encourage them to buy the product. The customer makes an emotional connection and purchases the product after creating a stronger relevance with the brand. 

  • Comparative photography 

Comparative photography presents an actual image and description of the object, preventing customers from any misleading advertisement. Many brands use models to portray the correct use of the product. Putting a model beside the product to use it to portray the correct dimension makes a huge difference to the sales of the product. 

When a model is shown using the product, the customer immediately connects to the product and decides whether it is a good product or not. If you are looking for an e-commerce photoshoot in Delhi, MMBO studio is the best choice for you. Therefore,  comparative photography can be done in one such studio that is equipped with all the latest facilities. 

  • Individual product photography 

Individual product photography, as the name suggests, depicts the message of only one product every shoot. This method of product photography is used to upsell the entire collection and highlight the product’s style. 

Individual products photography tries to focus the entire attention of the target audience on a single product. The focus on the product helps the customer get a clear understanding of the quality of the product. Therefore, the brand uses this method to directly convey the message & values to the customers. 

  • Scale photography 

Scale photography is the concept of portraying the correct context compared to other objects. E-commerce websites use this method to portray the correct size of the object. The lens used in scale photography has a massive impact on how the product is viewed. Scale photography adds interest and drama to the picture which eventually attracts the target audience. 

Scale photography uses different objects like buildings, sky, and trees to present the correct size of the product for the customers. This method captures the size of the human beings with reference to the other objects in the picture. 


Photography adds essence and value to the E-commerce website. If you are looking for e-commerce product photography services in Gurgaon, MMBO studio is the best place. MMBO studio has a variety of options for your e-commerce website to boost their sales and help the brand to grow in this competitive world. Sign up for the website and know more about it. 



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