What Are the Different Types of Window Decals?

What are window decals?

Window decals are images, graphics, and letters (or a combination of the three) adhered to a glass surface. They are also called vinyl window stickers and window graphics. Because vinyl is a durable material, decals can be applied on the inside or the outside of the window. There are five main types of window decals: clear decals, opaque decals, perforated decals, frosted decals, and lettering.

Types of Window Decals

Clear decals – The design is printed on a completely clear vinyl sheet; there is no visible background and the window remains completely see-through.

Opaque decals – The design is printed on a white vinyl sheet; it provides a solid background and the view from the window is obscured.

Perforated decals – The design is printed on a perforated vinyl sheet (small circular perforations); it provides a medium background but doesn’t block the view completely.

Frosted decals – The design is printed on a sheet with a frosted finish; sheets can be perforated or opaque; part of the sheet or all of it may be frosted.

Vinyl lettering – Individual cut numbers, letters and graphics are stuck to the window.


Putting Decals to Use

Logos, promotions, menus, artwork and wayfinding tools: these are a handful of ways people use vinyl window stickers. Flexibility in printing, cutting and installation make stickers an incredibly creative medium. Given they are quite inexpensive, people are happy to change them seasonally and for special occasions. Though use by retailers for storefront windows is common, custom window decals can be found in restaurants, commercial buildings, offices, educational institutions and in doctor’s offices. They are an excellent tool for:

  • Branding
  • Sales and promotions
  • Displaying portfolios
  • Providing contact information
  • Wayfinding

Tips for Designing Your Decals

Just because you can bring any type of design to life, doesn’t mean you should. Here are a few design tips that will save you from a decal faux pas.

Background – The background has a huge impact on legibility. If there are lots of elements behind the window it may be worth using an opaque or frosted decal.

Size – Don’t make your decal too small or too large. Measure the glass surface and get an understanding for how far your audience will be from your lettering and graphics so you can choose the appropriate size to get their attention.

Colours – Colours affect visibility and emotional response in the audience. Make sure your colours contrast with the surroundings and are bright enough to stand out from the background.

Lighting – Low light can make it hard to read or even see the decal. If the window is not well-lit, consider adding backlighting or spotlights in the front.

Affordable Custom Window Decals in Edmonton

At 3Sixty Sign Solutions, we love window graphics. Windows are large ad space that is yours to use as you want. Window graphics and letters are easy to design, long-lasting, and inexpensive. Some of our customers leave them on windows for years, others like to change them every month. Call us to discuss your design and get a quote.



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