What Do You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile Dysfunction: Aspirin has the same effect as Viagra

A recent study would demonstrate its effectiveness in countering the disease; here are the details.

A new study could revolutionize the treatment of erectile dysfunction, also leading to significant savings in economic terms. The research conducted by researchers at Istanbul University Medipol would have shown that regular intake of Aspirin for about six weeks reduced significantly the problem’s incidence is treated subjects. According to the Turkish researchers, however, the amount to be taken is equal to a Super P Force. Let’s try to understand on what scientific basis the Anatolian researchers based their conclusions.

The Turkish study

The study was conducted by researchers from Istanbul Medipol University, led by Doctor Zeki Bayraktar.

They wanted to understand what the effects of an antiplatelet drug on male erection problems might be. As a result, they selected a sample of 184 subjects diagnosed with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. The topics ranged in age, ranging from 20 to 76 years, and were divided into two distinct groups. The first group, made up of 120 subjects, was treated with Tadarise 20 Aspirin for six weeks. The second group, made up of 64 residents, performed the function of the control group. He was given a placebo.

The results showed that, over the 6 weeks of treatment, more than 75% of the subjects treated with Aspirin had a value of 21.3 on the Index of Erectile Function.

An extraordinary result if we consider that at the beginning of the treatment, the subjects had totaled, in 70% of cases, a value of 14.3. It is, in fact, the first study ever to investigate these effects of acetylsalicylic acid.

The success of Aspirin

The percentages indicated above are almost similar to those obtainable using the much more famous Super Vidalista.

The latter has variable percentages between 48 and 81%. From this point of view, the success of Aspirin would lie in its anticoagulant action at the platelet level. The platelet volume varies from subject to subject. And a greater platelet volume, as Dr. Bayaraktar points out, indicates a more excellent production of thromboxane, which is the most potent agent in blocking blood circulation.

It must be said that the study did not examine patients with other diseases that could result in erectile dysfunction. For example, diabetics or individuals with hypertension or coronary heart disease were not included. Consequently, it can be concluded that if the erectile dysfunction does not depend on other specific causes and the subject does not suffer from diseases for which Aspirin is contraindicated; the latter could be a valid substitute for Extra Super P Force. Always below medical check-up.


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