What Factors Affect the Cost of a Persian Cat?

Persian cats for sale
Persian cats for sale

Do you know a Persian cat is one of the world’s most expensive cat breeds? Yes, you read that right; Persian cats are costly. Their luxurious coat, round face, thick legs, shiny fur, and gentle temperament contribute to buying a Persian from Persian cat for sale as one of the most expensive decisions.

While it is clear that a Persian cat is way more expensive than the other cat breeds, some people still aren’t aware of the reasons. Thus, if you are also one of them looking for kittens for sale options to buy a Persian cat, understand the various factors that contribute to making it an expensive purchase.

Factors that affect a Persian cat’s cost –

The market research highlights that a female Persian cat is more expensive than a male Persian cat. Well, it is not just gender but many other factors affect the cost of a Persian cat.

Care enough to know?

Here are the top factors which affect the price of a Persian cat:

  • Location:

One of the factors that primarily affect the price of a Persian cat, when looking from a reputed Persian cat for sale brand, is location.

Persian cats sold in the city are much expensive than the ones sold in the rural areas. You will notice a significant difference in the cost as you move from location to location.

  • Certifications and registrations:

A Persian cat without certifications or registration is not considered a Persian. Thus, most people prefer buying a Persian cat with proper registration documentation and authentic certificates. This tends to affect the cost of the Persian cat.

A pedigreed Persian cat with registered documents and parents will be available at a premium price than those who aren’t certified.

  • Age:

If you plan to buy a Persian kitten from kittens for sale, be prepared to expect it to be an expensive buy. Generally, Persian kittens are expensive than grown-up cats as most people like watching their pet growing in front of their eyes.

  • Colour and quality of coat:

The next thing affecting the price when looking for a Persian cat is its colour and the quality of its coat. The rarity or the colour and the coat can shoot its price. Persian cats in certain specific colours are expensive than the ones available in standard colours (grey, white, black and beige).

  • Gender:

Well, as mentioned, female Persian cats are expensive than male Persian cats.


It is because the female Persian cats are capable of reproducing kittens for sale. Because of this reason, the female Persian cat also requires more care, attention and pampering than the male ones contributing to a much higher cost.


No matter your requirements, likings and preferences, you can always find your right Persian cat from mykitten.in and that too at an affordable price. The brand has been in the market for years and stands as a distinguished name to buy Persian cat for sale from the offered variety.



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