What is Brand Marketing?

23 powerful marketing tools you need to generate massive sales 1
23 powerful marketing tools you need to generate massive sales 1

Brand marketing is basically a method to advertise your product or service as a whole by selling your brand in a serial manner. Basically, it tells a story by highlighting your brand in a sentence or two. For example, Toyota’s “I’m here to help” tagline has become an effective way of communicating their product and service over again. The same strategy is used by Apple in their statement “Worldwide flavors” which highlights their range of products. In this post, looking at some of the most popular examples of brand marketing by global brands, discussing how they can be taken up by you, and developing your own brand marketing plans.

Starbucks is perhaps the world’s greatest brand marketing company. Not only are they consistent in their messaging and style but they have created iconic locations around the globe to remind people of what they stand for. Starbucks offers people a variety of alternatives, from having a drink in a Starbucks, to stocking their products in their stores. This consistency provides consumers with an emotional connection to their brand.

Just as there is an emotional connection to an apple, Nike has created iconic locations around the globe to ensure that they don’t lose their grip on their consumers’ loyalty. They offer a range of outlets (from retail outlets to their website) and have numerous promotional events to boost their brand marketing. As well as this, they have released many new styles, such as the Air Force 1, which helps consumers identify with Nike more easily.

Consistency in brand marketing is so important that if you don’t have it, then you’re not going to be able to achieve success online or offline. Brand consistency refers to the fact that something works consistently, and people love it and use it. If you visit a Starbucks now and then, chances are that you will soon become a regular customer. Similarly, an apple product used in your daily life will soon become part of your life, and when you see it at the local supermarket, you’ll know it is the real thing.

When you have a strong overall brand marketing strategy, you will be able to increase your brand’s reach. You can target the population you want to appeal to and ensure that they get behind your products and services. Your message should always be consistent to make sure that your customers know what to expect from you, and how it will make their lives easier. Consistency ensures that you have a highly visible brand marketing presence in the marketplace, but one which is still highly accessible to consumers on a one-to-one basis.

Consistency will also help you to maintain a high profile online, as consumers will connect with you more and become regular customers if you maintain a consistent approach to your brand marketing strategy. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they see it advertised on television or seen in a magazine. However, this only works if you make these types of advertisements stand out from the rest. The key to creating a successful branding strategy is to ensure that you build on the positive aspects of each aspect, to create a powerful overall brand marketing image.



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