What is Canada Travel Phone Number?


Are you planning to fly with Air Canada? Now if you are wondering what the Air Canada Phone Number is for traveling, then you are on the right page. You can go through the information below and choose any of the methods to contact Air Canada and get the help you need.

The phone call service:

The first method is familiar to everyone, and you can use the Air Canada contact number of the airlines to reach a representative. If you prefer the official contact number, then follow the provided below and get help.

  • You can use the official contact number for flight reservations and info on Air Canada at 1-888-247-2262.
  • You can hear the automated voice of the airlines.
  • After the automated voice greeting, you need to select the language of your choice.
  • Then you need to pay close attention to the command and press the numbers respectively.
  • Once you are associated with an agent, you can tell them about your concerns, and they are solved instantly.

Alternative methods to contact Air Canada

The Live chat service:

The live chat feature can also be used to contact customer service of Air Canada. You can use the steps that are given below to see where you can find the live chat feature.

  • Visit the official page of Air Canada on the web browser.
  • Then you need to look for the contact us option.
  • When you are on the contact page, you need to click on the chat icon available on the page.
  • Write all the queries and send them to the chat box.
  • Once when the agent is available online, you can get the replies, and you can start chatting.

The email form:

You can also use the email method to contact customer service. Since Air Canada does not have a specific email address, they have an email form option for you to contact them. In case you don’t know where you can find the customer service email form follow the steps.

  • To get the email option, you need to go to the official page of Air Canada.
  • Once when you are on the main page, you need to click on the contact us option.
  • On the contact page, between the various options to contact the service, you need to click on send an email to us option.
  • Enter the required details asked in the email form and submit it.

What is the damaged and lost baggage contact number?

If any of your items are missing or if you have found someone’s missing items, you need to immediately inform the authority. You can use the lost baggage number 1 888 689-2247 to explain the situation and get the required help from a professional.

Is Air Canada customer service 24 hours?

Yes, the toll-free number of Air Canada is available 24 hours/ 7 days a week. You can contact the support team from anywhere. You can also check out the official page of the airline to see the other methods you can use to contact the service.


You can use the information for the question “How Do I Contact Air Canada By Phone” to reach the support team, along with the other methods you can use to contact the service of Air Canada.



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