What is corrective maintenance?

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Corrective maintenance is an activity carried out to repair damage found during preventive maintenance. In general, it is not a set of planned actions, since it is carried out when a component has been damaged. Its goal is to restore the reliability of the system and return it to its original state.

Corrective maintenance is also known as breakdown maintenance and only takes place when some machine is down. If this strategy is used as the main one, there will be a high impact of unplanned maintenance activities and replenishment of parts of the inventory.

Types of corrective maintenance

Planned corrective maintenance

It is done when it is known in advance that the equipment must be repaired, so that it can be started from the beginning in a controlled manner.

Unplanned corrective maintenance

It is carried out when the equipment or machine does not work or in case of an emergency, so this activity is always urgent and difficult to control, which can result in a great cost.

fault repair

The failing equipment is put into its operational state once again.

material salvage

This element of corrective maintenance refers to the removal of material beyond repair and the use of reclaimed material that cannot be fixed in repair or rebuild.


This is the process of returning equipment to its original state in terms of performance, durability, and appearance. This is achieved by completely disassembling it, repairing it and replacing some parts.

overall review

It is the restoration of a piece of equipment to a state of full service according to maintenance standards. An “inspect and repair only when appropriate” approach is used.


Will be required due to corrective maintenance action; for example, repairing an engine may require welding or other repairs.

Corrective maintenance procedures

  • Using the corresponding form, the operator records information about the damage to the equipment or machine.
  • Once completed and approved by the coordinator, it is sent to the maintenance department.
  • Based on the report, the department takes corrective action on the equipment or machine.
  • The results of corrective maintenance are recorded in a report, as well as its costs.

Advantages of corrective maintenance

  • Reduced emergency maintenance requirements.
  • Increased availability of the plant.
  • Reduced losses due to downtime.
  • Better utilization of plant facilities.
  • The level of safety is improved, thus reducing the probability of accidents.
  • Sufficient information on maintenance repairs and replacements is provided.

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