What Is The Most Beginner Friendly Class In ESO


Most classes in The Elder Scrolls Online can do every kind of content the game has to offer, however the three classes presented in this guide are the best option for new players due to their ease of play. These classes have strong offensive and defensive skills, and their abilities frequently give you more than one bonus for casting them, helping you to do more with less abilities.If you are starting a new character and want to get Elder Scrolls Online Gold fast in ESO, then IGMeet’s professional service allows you to become rich and catch up with veterans in no time.


  • The Dragonknight starts off with the Lava whip, which is a powerful single-target ability.
  • There are abilities that will significantly increase your weapon critical and recovery.
  • Just like the Warden, the Dragonknight has an ability (Spiked armor) that will grant you Major Ward (increases physical and spell resistance by 5.3K). Therefore, it is a big increase, which makes you really tanky, especially at a low level. It is a more forgiving class as you can take more damage, so you can afford to mess up a little more.
  • The Ultimate abilities such as Dragon Leap are very strong, low in Ultimate cost, and the animations are a lot of fun.

In the game of ESO, you can make anything you want, but a Dragonknight will not be able to compete with a good Warden or Templar Healer.

The Sorcerer Class

Finally, our number one class for Beginners in ESO is here and that’s the Sorcerer Class! Sorcerers have some of the most powerful skills and passives in the game but what really separates them from other classes in ESO is the how most of these skills give you either automatic damage or automatic healing. Let me explain.

First, let’s talk about the Daedric Summoning skill line which is all about summoning Daedric pets to do damage for you. These pets are unique in that you have to keep the skill slotted on both your main skillbar and your backup skill bar, but the tradeoff for this is that your pet is always there for you and never needs to be re-summoned as long as they stay alive. This means as soon as you enter combat your pets are already doing damage for you without you having to press a button. Of course your pets also have additional special effects which you can use such as the stun from Volatile Familiar and a massive group heal from Twilight Matriarch which makes them even more powerful.

Another strength of the Sorcerer class is their speed and mobility that comes from the Storm Calling skill line. For Stamina Sorcerer builds, the Hurricane skill applies Minor Expedition and for Magicka Sorcerers, Boundless Storm gives them a short burst of Major Expedition for even greater speed, and both skills apply Major Resolve which provides about 6000 armor. And don’t forget Streak! This skill can be used by both Magicka and Stamina Sorcerers to get out of trouble or quickly stun enemies and is a great skill for PVP.

Speaking of PVP, if you are interested in that playstyle then a Magicka or Stamina Sorcerer is going to be a great choice because of the previously mentioned mobility and strong self healing from Critical Surge. This skill heals you every second as long as you are doing critical damage to a target.

In terms of builds, as I’ve said both Magicka and Stamina Sorcerer offer great build options for getting started in PVP, but if you want the ultimate easy, beginner build for PVE content then definitely check out a Magicka Sorcerer pet focused build for a really easy time completing most content in the game.


Nightblade is a class more suited for stealth-type gaming which can be used for surprise attacks.

These are specific skills you have available for this class:

Assassination – as the name says, your character becomes a real assassin with abilities like high damage, anti-heal (reduce of enemies’ healing), and an ability to teleport and deal a critical strike to the opponents.

Shadow – this skill gives you the ability to damage enemies in the area, as well as blinding them, fearing them, and snaring them.

Siphoning – build path that provides your teammate’s buffs and healing with your character dealing damage over time.

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